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Lab coats

Lab coats are a must for people who work in health care settings, laboratories, and certain industrial environments. Choose the right materials and styles of lab coats to best meet your needs.

Lab coat types: Traditional lab coats are white and designed in long or jacket-length versions. Unisex lab coats work for most body types. Men's lab coats are looser around the waist area, while women's lab coats are more tailored to accommodate the bust and hips.

Lab coat features: Lab coats are made from cotton, poly-cotton blends, and polyester. Polypropylene is often used for disposable lab coats. Lab coats may include notebook pockets, adjustable belts, antimicrobial materials, and chest pockets. Modern lab coats come in a variety of colors to match scrub hues.

Lab coat use: Lab coats should fit properly to provide maximum protection to the wearer, patients, and sensitive environments. Lab coats should also be comfortable and allow a full range of motion to the wearer. Sleeves should be the correct length, so the lab coat's sleeves don't need to be rolled up, and they cover all the way to the wrist.