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Kitchen Rugs

The kitchen is a unique environment in your home, so kitchen rugs are designed differently. Since they're placed in a space that's prone to food and liquid spills, kitchen rugs are typically made of sturdier, stain-resistant materials so they're easier to clean. You'll also want a rug with a non-skid or non-slip bottom, since they'll resist sliding around after a liquid spill. At, you'll find an assortment of stylish and functional mats, runners and area rugs for your kitchen.

Many kitchen rugs are made of olefin fiber, polypropylene and similar synthetic materials. These materials resist staining, mildew, abrasion and sunlight, while remaining a comfortable surface to stand on. If you're on your feet for extended periods of time while preparing a meal or washing dishes, you should consider an anti-fatigue mat or comfort mat. Anti-fatigue mats typically have a foam core that provides support and relief to your feet, legs and back. Place an anti-fatigue mat in front of the kitchen sink to reduce fatigue while you're washing dishes, as well as one where you prepare vegetables and other ingredients. Comfort mats can relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis or arthritis.

Kitchen mats are also a great way to spice up the decor of your home without breaking the bank. Use an area rug or a runner to add color and texture around kitchen appliances, which can often be boringly basic. Farmhouse kitchen rugs are the perfect choice for rooms with a rustic or pastoral theme.