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Quality ladders help you reach the roof, the attic, and the neighbor's cat who's stuck in your tree. Study the features of ladders to find the right ladder for your purposes.

Step ladders: Step ladders have sturdy, slip-resistant footholds as rungs. Ladder rungs may be on one or both sides of the ladders. Most step ladders fold flat after use. Heights range from a few feet to over 8 feet tall. Materials include aluminum and fiberglass to keep ladders lightweight.

Telescoping ladders: Telescoping ladders have extra rung capacity to extend beyond the main support frame of the ladder. Telescoping ladders are not self-supporting and may reach heights over 20 feel tall.

Articulating ladders: Articulating ladders offer flexibility, since they can be used as self-standing or single-sided extension ladders. Many articulating ladders include leg levelers for stability.

Choose a ladder that has a taller height capacity than the area you wish to reach. You have more stability when the ladder rungs on telescoping ladders extend past the roof, loft, or attic opening.