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Coffee Mugs & Cups

Your coffee cup isn't just a thing that holds your beverage. It's also a way for you to express your personality or spice up your morning ritual. You'll find a variety of drinkware to enjoy your morning cup o' joe at

First, you should consider the material of your mug. Porcelain cups are a classic and sturdy option; stoneware is similarly durable, in addition to being chip-resistant. But if you're looking to enjoy coffee elsewhere, perhaps while on a camping trip, you should invest in some stainless steel cups, which are more portable choices and don't impart an unwanted metallic aftertaste. Glass cups are a popular option for espresso, and double-walled glass provides excellent insulation from hot liquids. If you need something that can stand up to the rigors that kids put drinkware through, consider buying heavier plastic mugs or melamine cups.

Next, consider the design. If you're looking for something functional, check out the belly mug, which has a stouter base and holds a good deal of coffee for all the caffeine lovers out there. Cups decorated with floral patterns can add a rustic accent to your space, and there's a variety of personalized mugs that make great gifts for friends and family members. Of course, there are also some truly wacky designs; you haven't really lived life until you've sipped coffee out of a cow or an upside-down snowman. If you live with multiple coffee drinkers, cups and mugs are often sold in sets of four or more for great value and a coordinated cupboard.