Earrings are fun pieces of jewelry that help frame your face and give you a little extra sparkle. To find the best earrings for you, think about your personal style and the occasions when you'll be wearing them.

Earrings come in four major types: studs, hoops, drops and dangles. Stud earrings have a small component and are attached to the ear with a post. They're a good choice if you're going for a subtle look. Hoop earrings are circular or semi-circular in shape and are attached to the ear with a post or a thin wire on the end of the component. Small hoops made from precious metals or set with precious stones are appropriate for upscale outfits and occasions, while larger hoops work well with casual outfits and parties. Drops and dangles have a component that flows from the bottom of your earlobes. In drop earrings, the component is stationary, while with dangles, it swings as you move. Drops and dangles fit into a range of settings, depending on their design, and range from "arty" and casual to elegant and sophisticated.

When choosing a style of earrings, you may want to think about what looks best with your facial shape. Drops and dangles often have a slimming effect on round faces, while hoops complement oval faces. If you have a square face, drops, dangles or hoops can add the appearance of height.