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Game Management

The modern hunter now has access to an array of tools to track game and stay hidden while waiting for prey. At, you'll find an assortment of game cameras, feeders, lures, tree stands, scent eliminators and more to ensure a successful hunt.

Game cameras

Game cameras are used to scout locations and monitor animal activity when you're away. Motion-activated cameras only snap pictures when something moves in front of the camera, saving battery life. Look for game cameras with sturdy enclosures if you're placing them in an area with bears, since curious bears can destroy more fragile enclosures.

Game feeders, scent lures and foot plot seed

Almost all game animals are attracted to food or the scent of food. Use feeders and scent lures to bring them into the kill zone, or plant food plot seed to prepare lush plots of grains, clovers and greens for deer and other game.

Hunting blinds

Hunting blinds are typically tent-shaped hideouts with camo patterns to help you blend into your environment and stay hidden. Look for blinds with a camo pattern that matches your hunting environment and a shape that accommodates your preferred position.

Tree stands

Tree stands are platforms that are secured to trees and provide the hunter with a better vantage point for both scouting and shooting game. Ladder stands allow for easy access up and down trees, while climbing stands have a smaller, more portable footprint.

Scent eliminators

Deer and other popular game animals have an excellent sense of smell. If you're concerned about giving your position away and spooking game, look for scent eliminators to hide your scent.