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There's more than one way to ride a bike. Whether you're buying your little one their first bike or looking for something to ride to work, has a wide variety of bikes to suit your riding style at Every Day Low Prices.

What are some different types of bikes?

  • Mountain bikes: These sturdy bikes are best for rough terrain and off-road trails. They usually have more upright handlebars for easy handling over mud and rocks, and wide tires to help absorb shock from landing jumps.
  • Road bikes: Road bikes are great for commuters or long-distance riders. Unlike mountain bikes, they have narrow tires that help provide a smooth ride on flat pavement. They also usually feature a lighter frame and a higher seat position to make riding more comfortable.
  • Hybrid bikes: A hybrid bike is a combination of a mountain bike and a road bike. They're a great all-purpose bike because they combine the lightweight frame of road bike with the wide tires and higher clearance of a mountain bike.
  • E-bikes: An e-bike, or electric bike, looks like a regular bike but has an integrated motor, battery and controller to make pedaling uphill and long distances easier. They're also available in a variety of styles, from mountain bikes to cruiser bikes.
  • Cruiser bikes: A cruiser is a great choice if you're a leisure rider and love the styling of a vintage bicycle. They come in an assortment of different colors and can have attachments like baskets for holding cargo.
  • BMX bikes: Getting their name from motocross, BMX bikes are off-road bicycles that are used for racing and doing stunts. They should be able to ride on any surface, smooth or rocky, and need to hold up to the stress of jumping off and riding on ramps.
  • Kids bikes: Walmart has a wide variety of bikes for your little one. From tricycles to training wheels, you'll be able to find one that best fits their skill level. For those just starting out, a good option is a balance bike. A balance bike is a two-wheel bike without pedals that helps young kids learn how to balance.

From folding bikes to adult tricycles, you can find everything you need to get out and ride so you can save money and live better.