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Baseball Protective Gear

Safety should always come first when practicing a sport, so it's important to invest in quality gear that'll last. Cover all your bases with Walmart's selection of baseball protective gear. Choose from an assortment of batting helmets, catcher's equipment, faceguards and more, all at Every Day Low Prices. Here is a quick, easy guideline so you can find the right gear for your needs.

The roles of protective gear

Like with many team sports, everyone has a specific role on a baseball team, so before you start filling up your cart with an assortment of protective gear for you or your child, consider if the gear is appropriate for the position. While it's important that everyone on the team is protected at all times, each role has its own set of demands and challenges, and requires its own gear, like batter's protection for example. However, wearing a baseball helmet isn't the only way other baseball players on the team can protect themselves. You can also protect yourself with baseballs cups, chest protectors, shin guards and elbow guards, which can prove to be very helpful in preventing injuries where there can be direct contact with baseballs.

Updating gear and preventing injuries

Be sure to upgrade gear as time passes and always check to make sure helmets and pads are in good working order to help prevent injuries. If an injury happens, you can help treat it and heal with tape, braces, bandages and pads. You can also shop for compression gear and physical therapy items to help prevent future injuries or sprains.