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Baseball Bats

Baseball is commonly known as the National Pastime. Like many team sports, there are different pieces of equipment that players need to play the game. Cover your bases with Walmart's selection of baseball bats. Choose from an assortment of BBCOR bats, USA bats, and composite from top brands like Easton, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger and Demarini, all at Every Day Low Prices. Here is a quick, easy guideline so you can find the right bats for your needs.

Baseball bat materials

In baseball, although aluminum and metal bats are becoming more common, wood bats are still the primary choice. Most bat lengths tend to run between 30 and 34 inches and normally weight no more than 36 ounces. For kids, choose bat sizes between 26 and 30 inches in length. Aluminum bats often have a rubber grip on the handle while wood bats usually have nothing there, although many players add grip tape to their bats to prevent slippage.

Getting the right size

The best way to choose a bat is to measure the player from the center of the chest to the tip on the index finger of one hand; measure with the arm sticking straight out from the side. Typically, players up to 3 feet 8 inches tall will want a bat between 27 and 29 inches, a player who is around 5 feet tall will want a bat that is between 30 and 33 inches long, and someone who is more than 5 feet 9 inches tall will need a bat that is more than 33 inches long. When selecting a bat, place it along the side of the player and ensure that the palm of the player's hand can reach the handle. To find the right weight, grasp the bat handle and hold it straight out to the side, parallel to the ground. If the bat can be held for 10 seconds without drooping, it's not too heavy.