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Whether you're a dental care provider or you need noncritical dental enhancements, dental supplies make the job easier. Tools and cosmetic dental supplies offer affordable solutions for dental appearance and health.

Dental tools: Dental care tools including scraping tools, oral mirrors, extractors, and tartar removers feature durable, easy-to-sanitize stainless steel. Order individual tools or dental tool kits that have all of the basic scrapers, picks, and forceps you need. Disposable cheek extractors make it easy to access the oral cavity and are sold in bulk packages for multiple patients.

Cosmetic dental supplies: Temporary molars, crowns, and instant-smile veneers let you attend social functions and job interviews with great-looking teeth while you're waiting for professional dental care. Home dental hygiene kits give you the supplies you need to care for your teeth properly between dental visits.

Always consult with a licensed dentist or dental care provider for serious tooth and oral health issues.