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Restaurant aprons

If you own a restaurant or work in one, you know that aprons are a necessity for successful prepping and cooking. These aprons should be constructed with sturdy fabric and feature secure seams. From waiter to chef to dishwasher, restaurant workers require different kinds of aprons depending on their duties.

With pockets for ordering pads and pens, waist-style serving aprons work well for front-of-house wait staff. Four-way waist-style aprons make the perfect solution for cooks, bartenders, and counter workers because you don't need to wash them as often as other types of aprons. Bib aprons work well for kitchen staff because they offer full-body protection from spills and splatters, and tuxedo aprons offer an extra-stylish bib design for fine-dining bus staff. For dishwashers, full-length aprons made from materials that are water, heat, and fire resistant make an ideal choice.