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  • Posable faux fur tail
  • Bungee leg system
  • Flocked texture
  • Current Price$78.40
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    Life-size hunting decoys are the perfect bait for territorial game spoiling for a fight or amorous animals in search of a mate. Careful deployment makes it possible to draw your prey into the open and distract it long enough for you to take the shot. Decoys are available to suit any hunting expedition and budget. They range from simple two-dimensional cutouts to realistic sculptures with moving parts and integrated electronic calls.

    Decoys usually fold up or disassemble for easy transportation to your hunting ground. Some even have interchangeable parts, so it's possible to stage them as being submissive or aggressive depending on what you're hunting. Most hunters use decoys in conjunction with game calls, and developing your skills with these hunting accessories has the potential to make hunting trips more enjoyable and successful.