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Kids' wall decor

Colorful prints and posters make a space feel more welcoming and personal, and that's just as true in your child's room as it is in the rest of the house. Choose kids' wall decor like decals and stickers to warm up bare walls and ceilings and add eye-catching color in bedrooms and playrooms. Shopping by type is an easy way to discover decor that suits your little one's space.

  • Framed art prints have a finished, polished look, especially when you choose frames in materials that coordinate with the furniture in the room.
  • Bulletin boards are ideal for displaying a rotating selection of art and other fun mementos. Older kids enjoy creating their own scrapbook-style arrangements on bulletin boards.
  • Chalkboards make it easy for kids to express their creativity without permanently decorating the walls.
  • Character art features favorite cartoon friends. These familiar faces can help kids feel more at home in their rooms.
  • Growth charts are part poster, part fun way to track how big your child is getting. Many also feature beloved cartoon characters.
  • Inspirational word art provides positive messages for young readers. Look for designs that can work well in rooms even as your child outgrows certain characters.