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Desks & Workstations

Your desk is your personal space where you can spend a large portion of the day. It's where you work, surf the Internet, write emails and keep your papers organized. It's important to select a proper workstation that suits your office and helps you stay comfortable while you're seated for long periods of time. A wide selection of desks and workstations is available from popular brands like South Shore Furniture and Sauder.

First, consider how you use your desk before selecting the proper material. Particleboard, also known as wood composite, is great for low-budget furnishing and those who need a temporary work space, while glass is more fragile, but provides a sleek, modern look. If you need to make an impression and provide a solid foundation for your computer, you can't go wrong with an executive desk with a classic cherry finish. If you still deal with a large amount of paper or files, you'll want to pick up a desk with cabinets to keep everything organized. Otherwise, you can save money and space on a simpler front desk or a credenza desk.