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Cocktail Glasses

What are some of the different types of wine glasses?

  • Cocktail Glass: Probably the most recognizable glass, cocktail glasses have an inverted bowl that comes in a variety of sizes and features a short stem. Cocktail glasses can hold 3 to 6 oz. of liquid and is usually served with drinks that require no ice.

  • Highball Glasses: Highball glasses are straight-sided, flat-bottom glasses that have the capacity to hold about 8 to 12 oz. of liquid and are commonly used to serve "tall" drinks that are made with less alcohol and more mixers. Drinks like gin and tonic and or a simple scotch and soda.
  • Whiskey Glasses: Made of glass and features a flat bottom, a traditional whiskey glass can hold up to 8 oz., where as a double whiskey glass can hold up to 14 oz. of liquid. Whiskey glasses are sometimes referred to as "old fashioned glasses" or "rocks glasses." They are mostly used to serve light or tan colored liquors with ice.
  • Moscow Mule Mugs: A Moscow Mule is a vodka cocktail made with ginger beer and lime juice and is generally served in a cup called a Moscow Mule Mug. The Moscow mule mug is commonly made of copper and has a single handle. This particular style of cocktail glass has been known for centuries to deliver an extra-cool sensation while enjoying your drink because of the way the copper quickly takes on the icy temperature of a chilled drink. offers a variety of cocktail glasses that are available in different shapes, sizes and quantities that will fit your style and budget.