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What size water tank do I need?

Many factors, including the amount of water you use or the capacity of your well and pump, determine the water tank you need. Check the label on the tank you currently have to see its size, or ask a well professional. When in doubt, buy a larger tank.

What type of water tank works best?

If you want to do a quick replacement, look for a water tank similar in shape and size to the one you already have.

  • Air-over-water tanks hold water in the bottom of the tank with a large pocket of air on top. These tanks are not as popular as smaller, pressurized models.
  • Diaphragm tanks have a rubber diaphraghm inside that separates the water and air. This rubber forces out the water and makes the tank less likely to become waterlogged.
  • Bladder tanks are similar to diaphragm tanks. The bladder looks like a balloon. Air pushes against the bladder to release water. These tanks are efficient and economical.