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Blood Pressure Monitors

Keep regular, accurate track of your blood pressure with a blood-pressure monitor from Walmart. Many models are digital, so you can easily take readings thanks to their large LCD screens. A wrist-style blood-pressure monitor is the most convenient option, with its small size allowing you to transport it for readings anywhere you go. Larger cuff-style, upper-arm models can store more data than the bracelet-style wrist monitors, allowing you to access records of up to 90 previous blood-pressure readings to track your numbers. If you prefer a more traditional approach without electronic components, manual blood-pressure monitors let you take a reading the old-fashioned way with a hand-operated bulb to inflate the cuff and a numbered gauge.

If you frequently take blood-pressure readings on the go, bring a carrying case to keep your device clean and safe. Many of our blood-pressure monitors allow you to use your Flexible Spending Account through Medicare or Medicaid, with rebate instructions printed on the boxes.