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Creamers and Syrups

Take your cup of coffee to the next level with delicious creamers and syrups from Walmart.

Our selection of coffee creamers includes heavy cream, light cream, and half and half as well as a non-dairy creamers. With flavored creamers, you can add rich creaminess to your coffee along with a burst of sweetness and flavor. Choose from classic flavors like French vanilla, hazelnut and chocolate as well as more exotic options.

Syrups offer a great way to sweeten your coffee because they dissolve more quickly and easily than granulated sugar, and they often include flavors as well. In addition to vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut, you'll find caramel syrup and other enticing choices. You'll even find sugar-free syrups, so you can sweeten and flavor your coffee without adding sugar.

At Walmart, you'll always find Every Day Low Prices on creamers, syrups and everything else you need for great coffee. Save money. Live better.