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Canned Goods and Soups

Feeding your family well doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. Keep your pantry stocked with a variety of canned goods, and you can easily put together nutritious, homemade meals in no time.

For a delicious, hearty salad that can even serve as a main course, combine fresh vegetables with canned tuna or canned salmon, or add a can of chicken or beans. Cook up a homemade soup by combining canned broth with canned vegetables and meat or beans, or add some fresh veggies to your favorite canned soup to give it a more home-cooked flavor.

Making your own chili is easy with a can of tomato puree, a can of beans, chili seasoning and a bit of water. Or add some canned meat or seafood to packaged mac and cheese for a comforting entree. Save money. Live better.