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Travel-size facial sunscreen

Facial sunscreen is an essential skin care product for anyone and is especially important to have when traveling in unfamiliar climates. Using a facial sunscreen can prevent uneven skin tone, brown spots, and fine lines and wrinkles. Choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30, which blocks up to 97 percent of UVB rays.

When using a facial sunscreen on dry skin, look for one that is moisturizing and thick to lock-in moisture. A facial sunscreen for oily skin should be matte and lightweight to prevent skin from looking shiny and pores from becoming clogged.

Travel-size facial sunscreens are also useful to keep in a purse, coat pocket, or desk drawer so that you can protect your skin no matter where you are. Choose a sunscreen with a secure cap so that it won't leak if jostled or bounced around with other items.