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Premium body care

Your skin's care starts in the shower or bath and keeps going all day long. If your soap or body wash doesn't have moisturizing ingredients (and even if it does but you have dry skin) you should take care to hydrate your skin once you've showered and dried. Use a moisturizing cream, a pure oil like coconut or almond, or a moisture-protecting serum.

Different serums and fortified creams have different effects on your skin. Choose hyaluronic acid and collagen for anti-aging, vitamin C for healthier skin cells, and retinol to promote rejuvenation and healing. Your skin may take a week or two to adjust to retinol, so use retinol products sparingly at first to avoid discomfort. If you do choose a retinol product, be sure to avoid excess sun exposure; this ingredient makes your skin more sensitive to UV light's effects. Always wear sunscreen, too.