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Nail art brushes

Nail art brushes are the tools needed to create colorful and intricate nail designs. A round brush may be the most common type of brush, but you'll likely need a few more kinds if you want to make stripes, flowers, swirls, and other effects. Collect brushes based on the types of designs you want to create.

Hints for choosing nail art brushes

  • A round brush is considered the go-to brush for most nail art because it makes virtually any small design.
  • A long-handled brush will often feel more comfortable in your hand.
  • Use a liner nail art brush with bristles roughly 1-inch long to make wide stripes.
  • A striper brush has slightly longer and thinner bristles, and it's used to make fine lines.
  • An angled brush helps you do French tips and ombre effects.
  • An all-purpose flat brush is useful for applying base colors.