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Manicure tools

Manicure tools include implements to shape and polish nails. Specialty manicure items include devices and tools to solve specific nail problems.

Manicure tool types

Tools for fingernail and toenail care include:

  • Nail beautifying products like precision files, electric files, cuticle removers, colorful polish, nail polish dryers, and nail polish remover
  • Ingrown toenail tools like cuticle pushers and nippers
  • Baby and infant nail-trimming tools and sets
  • Professional nail salon products like dryers, nail table stations, dust collectors, and nail tool sterilizer trays
  • Nail cleansers and treatments like soaps, oils, and nail brushes.
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Manicure-pedicure sets

Quality manicure-pedicure sets in their own cases are good gifts to give to teens, graduates, and new parents. Place an extra manicure set in your carry-on bag or car for convenient nail maintenance anywhere.