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Lip Smacker lip gloss

Lip Smacker lip gloss delivers a touch of shine along with fun flavors. Available with brush applicators, in tubes, or as roll-on, Lip Smackers help keep lips moisturized, too.

Choosing a Lip Smacker lip gloss:

  • Moisturizer: Lip Smacker ingredients includes beeswax that works effectively to moisturize and soothe dry lips. Castor oil is another effective moisturizer that helps soothe and condition chapped lips.
  • Flavor: Lip Smacker flavors are extensive and usually sold in sets that combine similar flavors. Look for sets built around candies, beverages, movie characters, and holidays.
  • Application: Lip Smackers also offers different formulations of lip gloss, including traditional stick, liquid gloss with a wand applicator, or with a roll-on applicator. Wear liquid lip gloss alone, or layer it with another gloss.