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Festival hair styling

Styling products help keep festival hairdos together. The best type of festival hair styling product for your hair depends on your hair type, cut, and styling goals.

Types of hair styling products

Festival hair styling products and their uses include:

  • Mousse to define curls or straighten hair
  • Wax for pixies and shags
  • Pomade for layered and short hair styles
  • Spray gel to smooth frizz and set curls
  • Volumizer for thin, limp hair and setting curls
  • Texturizer to restore coarse or limp hair
  • Shine drops to add luster to hair
  • Balms and serum for straightening hair
  • Hair spray to set style
Some festival hair styling products include color- and curl-enhancing ingredients.

Festival hair styling tips

Use dry shampoo in between hair styling sessions when you can't shower. Choose hair styling products with hair-renewing qualities and features like thermal protection for hair.

Styling products made with ingredients like Shea butter, argan oil, and coconut oil help restore your hair and provide protection from harsh conditions.