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Face makeup brushes

Face makeup brushes help you skillfully apply and buff foundation, apply contouring, and create softer effects around the eyes.

Types of face makeup brushes:

General face brushes include foundation, contour, blush, and bronzing brushes. Silicone and beauty blending brushes are also considered general face brushes.

Eye-region brushes include eyebrow, eye shadow, and eyeliner brushes. Mascara wands are also eye makeup brushes.

Lip brushes are another type of face makeup brush and may include liner or filler brushes.

Selecting the right brush:

Read the product description for each type of makeup brush. Some brushes can be used for applying a variety of makeup products, including foundation, highlighter, and bronzer. Other brushes have specific uses or come prefilled with powder or other product.

Order a kit or set of brushes in various sizes to discover which brush sizes and types work best for your specific makeup routine. Store brushes covered and protected from dusty or moist areas.