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Eyebrow powder

Change the color of your eyebrows, fill in missing brow hairs, and define your eyebrows with eyebrow powder in cake or loose forms.

Eyebrow color

Highlight your eyebrows with eyebrow tints that brighten your brows. For well-defined brows, use a brow stamp or extra-dark eyebrow powder.

Use single brow colors when you're going for a matte facial look. Eyebrow color kits that include several shades of powder to mix and blend are ideal for more natural-looking eyebrow looks.

Eyebrow styling kits

Choose an eyebrow styling kit when you need to shape and control your eyebrows. Look for eyebrow powders that come with tools and implements like tweezers to help you refine your eyebrow look.

Eyebrow color palettes often include shaping, sketching, and tweezing tools. Palette-style eyebrow powder kits are available in easy-to-pack kits, too.