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Body treatments

Body treatments help keep your skin clean and nourished. Use them to treat or prevent dryness, scarring, wrinkles, acne, and other conditions. Use our sort by category feature to help you narrow your choices and quickly find the products you need. You'll find the following categories along with common categories like moisturizers, bandaging supplies, and bar soaps:

  • Exfoliators such as sugar and salt scrubs remove dead and dry skin cells to improve blood circulation and give you smooth, glowing skin.
  • Face treatments help fade dark spots, tighten neck skin, and fade scarring on your face.
  • Massagers are natural oils that nourish your skin as you massage tired or tight muscles.
  • Vitamins for your skin are topical treatments with natural ingredients such as aloe, rose water, and vitamin D to nourish and treat your skin.
  • Antibiotics and antiseptics treat itching and pain with a lower dosage of medication that doesn't require a prescription.