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Body & hair mists

Body and hair mists are an important part of fragrance layering. Spray or spritz fragrances throughout the day so you smell fresh and bright all day or all evening. Choose from numerous top brand body and hair mists in a wide array of fragrance choices.

Choosing body & hair mists

If you already have a favorite perfume or cologne, choose a matching body mist from our selection. If you don't wear fragrances, order body mists with scents that match your favorite smells and aromas. Other body & hair spray selection tips include:

  • Select fruity and vanilla mists and sprays for a sweeter scent.
  • Choose designer fragrance sprays for a sophisticated scent.
  • Floral and romantic sprays are ideal for dates and evenings on the town.

Body and hair mists and sprays are essentially the same. Spritzes are products that dispense squirts of liquid fragrance.