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Training Pants

During a child's developmental years, finding comfortable training pants is super easy at Walmart. For all stages of potty training, you will discover a full range of choices to meet a little one's needs. There are so many hassle-free, comfortable pull-ups that are ideal for a busy day. Before your little one goes to sleep, help him slip on a pair of bedtime underwear that can be worn with pajamas to stay dry overnight.

Make changing time fun by choosing a disposable style that is decorated with a child's favorite Disney characters or festive prints, such as classic stripes and polka dots as well as butterflies, dinosaurs, camouflage, animal prints, flowers, firetrucks and more. When you're shopping for baby training pants, you'll find that Walmart offers you the flexibility of selecting the specific count you need. You'll find name brands with a range of features, including all-around protection, easy-open and stretchy sides, zoned protection, cooling sensations, wetness indicators and absorbent linings.

Washable and reusable, waterproof training pants are just the answer for kids who are in-between diapers and regular underpants. They also help to boost the confidence of children who are learning to use the toilet. As an alternative, look into a diapering system that combines an outer, reusable diaper with disposable inserts.

With our Every Day Low Prices at Walmart, you can stock up on all kinds of training pants for several months at a time. For children with sensitive skin, consider options that are free of fragrances and chlorine processing and are made without latex.