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What are the benefits of cloth diapers?

One major benefit of cloth diapers is that they are free of any chemicals that may be contained in disposable diapers. If you enjoy living a green life and recycling, we suggest you try cloth diapers for your baby. Because you reuse these multiple times, you are helping to prevent waste.

Are all cloth diapers ready to use?

Some cloth diaper packs come as diaper panels that you insert into an actual cloth diaper. Others are large pieces of fabric that you wrap around the baby and secure yourself.

How many cloth diapers should I buy for my first baby?

You typically need to change a newborn s diaper 12 to 15 times per day for the first few months. We recommend having at least a one- to two-day supply of cloth diapers on hand. One or two dozen diapers should be a good start.