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245/75 R16 tires

Is it time for new tires for your ride? Here are some facts about 245/75R16 tires to consider as you shop.

Understanding tire designations: The number-letter combinations on tires tell you important information about the tires. The first number, 245, is the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters. The 75 after the slash refers to the aspect ratio of the tire, which tells you that the height of the tire is 75 percent of its width. The R shows it's a radial tire, while the 16 lets you know the wheel diameter that the tire fits.

Choosing the correct tires: Choose tires that match your normal driving conditions.

  • Summer tires are warm-season tires and aren't recommended for driving in snow or mud.
  • All-terrain tires have aggressive tread patterns to manage gravel and off-road as well as highway conditions.
  • Snow tires include sipes, or snow-clearing slits in the tread.
  • All-season and performance all-season tires grip the road in all types of weather.

Look on your old tires or on the inside driver's door panel for the recommended tires for your vehicle. Buy and install new tires in sets of four to enjoy the best driving experience from replacement tires.