What types of top-load washers are available?

Most top-load washers have similar features. These include varying spin cycles, hot and cold water options, multiple pre-programmed wash cycles and water level indicators. What sets top-load washers apart from each other is their maximum load capacities, maximum spin speeds, energy consumption and build quality. When it comes to build quality, those washers with steel cabinets and stainless steel baskets have higher price tags compared to those with plastic materials.

What type of top-load washer is right for you?

Wash capacity should be your primary concern when shopping for top-load washers, and bigger is not necessarily better. Choose just the right washer capacity that suits the laundry washing requirements of your household. Look for washers with a sturdy build. However, if you prefer a lighter washer that you can stow away after laundry day, choose a portable washer with lightweight materials.