Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose manufactures a wide variety of high-quality bikes, offering you many options to choose from. At Walmart, you'll find both Mongoose kids' bikes and Mongoose adult bikes in many different styles, all at fantastic prices.

To find the best Mongoose bike for you, first consider how you'll use it. For example, Mongoose freestyle bikes are designed to perform well on level pavement as well as skateboard ramps, half-pipes, blocks and other obstacles commonly used in freestyle biking. Mongoose dirt jumping bikes are BMX bikes that perform well on dirt roads and hills like those common in BMX racing.

It's also worth considering the braking system as you compare Mongoose bikes. A bike with a foot brake system is a good choice if you have poor hand strength. On the other hand, if you do freestyle, you'll want a bike with front hand brakes. If you're interested in spinning handlebars, look for a bike with cable detanglers to prevent the brake cables from getting crimped.

With a great selection of bikes at Every Day Low Prices, Walmart has you covered. Save money. Live better.