Enjoy the perfect cup of joe with a Keurig coffee maker and Keurig K-Cups from Walmart.

Keurig's innovative brewing systems allow you to brew fresh coffee, tea or cocoa for every cup, using patented K-cup mini brewers. And Keurig K-Cups come pre-filled with a wide variety of coffees and other beverage options, including iced beverages, so you can enjoy whatever you crave each time.

Walmart carries a range of Keurig coffee machines, so you have lots of options for brewing your perfect cup. In addition to Keurig's classic single-serve models, you'll find machines that allow you to brew several cups at a time and machinies with strength control settings for stronger brews. We also carry Keurig espresso brewers, which prepare authentic frothed espresso beverages, including cappuccinos and lattes, in minutes. And we sell all the Kuerig accessories you'll need to complete your system, including water filters, K-Cup carousels to conveniently store and dispense your K-Cups, and My K-Cup Reusable coffee filters for use with your favorite ground coffee.

With a Keurig coffee system from Walmart, you'll always have a freshly brewed beverage, cup after cup after cup.