Electric Scooters

Electric scooters offer a fun way to ride around the block, race around the park or scoot over to a friend's house. They're also environmentally friendly, with no carbon footprint.

When shopping for an electric scooter, consider its range: you'll need a longer range if you're planning to ride it to places that are farther away. Another factor to consider is speed. If you're buying a scooter for a child, you may want one with a low speed for increased safety. For a teen or adult, you may want a higher speed, but keep in mind that at higher speeds the range of the scooter goes down.

It's also worth considering the drive train. Some electric scooters have chain drives, while others have belt drives. Chain drives are generally more durable and give people the opportunity to hear you coming. Belt drives are quieter but have to be replaced more often.

Finally, consider the battery. Battery charging cycles for electric scooters range anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. You'll also find some scooters with removeable batteries, which can be easier to charge. For best results, charge your scooter's batteries after every ride, or at least every three months if the scooter isn't in use.

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