What does a neck pillow do?

Neck pillows provide special support for the head and neck with the goal of reducing neck pain and discomfort. Pillows for neck pain may be best suited for use while lying down to sleep, but some neck pillows are specifically designed for use while sitting up. Travel neck pillows, for example, are best used while in a seated position.

What materials are neck pillows made of?

Memory foam, poly fiber fill, feathers and comfort gel are all available in special neck pillow shapes. Choose memory foam for firm support that provides some sink, or use poly fiber fill as an alternative to feathers if you have down or feather allergies.

What shapes do neck pillows come in?

Some items in this category look like standard rectangular pillows with special contouring that cradles the head and supports the neck. Others are unusually shaped, such as cylindrical bolster pillows or contour neck pillows that have a C-shape to fit around the neck and support the head during sleep.