Colon Cleanse

The colon is one of the primary organs in the body responsible for eliminating waste and promoting absorption of nutrients. If you have an unhealthy colon, you may experience poor digestion and irregular bowel movements, which may in turn lead to other symptoms and illnesses.

Walmart carries a wide selection of products designed to cleanse the colon and restore optimal function. Our colon cleansing supplements include a variety of ingredients, including dietary fiber and herbs, to cleanse your large intestine and promote overall bowel health.

Colon cleaners are just one of many types of digestion support products you'll find at Walmart, which include fiber supplements, probiotics, ginger supplements, cranberry supplements and more. You'll also find a large selection of other vitamins and supplements for the whole family, all at Everyday Low Prices. For information and tips on choosing the best supplements for you, visit our Vitamins Wellness Center.