Hardware at Leeds Supercenter #562
Hardware at Leeds Walmart
8551 Whitfield Ave, Leeds, AL 35094
Closed until 6 am
About this department
Is it time to take your handyperson skills to new heights with a fun project or an essential repair? At Leeds Supercenter Walmart, we have the tools and materials you need to complete every home improvement task on your list. With convenient opening hours from 6 am, you'll find it easy to drop in to grab the supplies you need for that emergency repair or to browse fixtures, hardware, and flooring for your ambitious renovation project. Need some help figuring out which tool you need or which paint color and finish will work best? Give us a call at 205-699-0701 or stop by your local store at8551 Whitfield Ave, Leeds, AL 35094 to get assistance from one of our knowledgeable associates.