Bathroom Supply Store at Harvard Supercenter #1211
Bathroom Supply Store at Harvard Walmart
21101 Mcguire Rd, Harvard, IL 60033
Open until 11 pm

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About this department
Moving into a new home or looking to redecorate your current bathroom? From shower curtains and bathmats to matching towels and toothbrush holders, your Harvard Supercenter Walmart has everything you need to make your bathroom the bathroom of your dreams. If don't already have a color scheme in mind or if you're not sure what you want, come browse our wide selection of soap dispensers, shower caddies, and more in-person at21101 Mcguire Rd, Harvard, IL 60033 to get some ideas of what you like. Have a question for our knowledgeable associates? Give us a call at 815-943-7496. We're here every day from 6 am, making it easy for you to save money and live better.