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Kaz Braun ThermoScan 5 Thermometer, 1 ea

Kaz Braun ThermoScan 5 Thermometer, 1 ea

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<li>Includes the ThermoScan</li><li>Protective case with lens-filter storage</li><li>21 disposable lens-filters</li><li>Two AA alkaline batteries</li>
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Braun provides the best quality and great accuracy

Raising 4 kids over the last 13 years we have used MANY medical devices. Our first "good" Thermometer was a similar Braun ThermoScan but back then it was like $70! It lasted about 6 years and was great. Our next Thermometer was an Exergen TemporalScanner Infrared Thermometer (also rated 5 Stars) but it only lasted about 3 years then started reading way off temp. So we all got the H1N1 Flu 2 days ago and needed a new Thermometer. Back to the Braun ThermoScan. This newer 1 is even better than the original and since technology has caught up to price it is under $40.00! The only thing that is a "pain" is the probe covers. I wish it had Bluetooth and an App to track readings. I have been getting a lot of the new iHealth Bluetooth integrated products like the Pulse Oximeter so it would be awesome to keep all the data in 1 place. But if you need a quality Thermometer the Braun is awesome and last a long time (quality product).

Still the best after 18 yrs

When my daughter was 1, she had ear infection after ear infection with her temp running as high as 104. The standard rectal, or axillary thermometers, weren't really a doable option when I had to check her temp so often. Then one day I came across a Braun Thermoscan HM-1. It was $75 dollars, which was a big investment then. I fell in love with it immediately. It was the one item that made taking her temp not the horrendous task that it had been. It always gave an accurate reading, batteries lasted forever, it was wonderful. Since it worked so well, I decided to try another brand of thermometer of this type. I put batteries in it, used it one time, put it in the drawer and went back to "old faithful". I was never able to get an actual reading with it. Last week, I decided to buy another one, but this time stuck with the Braun Thermoscan. I brought it home, it came with batteries already installed, turned it on and tried it out. Perfect, just like the HM-1. What did I do with my HM-1, it is still taking accurate readings, so, I sent it home with my, now almost 19yr old baby girl! If you want an electronic thermometer that is accurate, durable, over-all wonderful, you need to stick with Braun Thermoscan. Time is the best judge ever.

accurate, durable & inexpensive!!

I've been through probably 4 thermometers since my son was born (now 4) & this one by far is the best!! It has lastest the longest (goin strong on 2 years) & it is the most accurate one I've bought!! I'm a nurse & its even more accurate than the ones we use at work! I even tried the new temporal scanner & it doesnt "slide" well across the forehead when your child has a fever & is sweating! The only thing I would add is dont forget to pull your infant/child's ear up & back to open the ear canal for a more accurate reading!

Great product

Works well, easy to use, very accurate. However, for it to READ accurately, you MUST use it correctly. It MUST be put all the way INTO the ear canal as far as it will go without hurting - it is meant to take the temperature of the EAR DRUM, not the side of the ear canal. Being a nurse, I have found LOTS of people who can't do it properly, including some nurses and aides in the hospitals. When used properly, it is very accurate - way more so than oral thermometers. Most people don't realize (or care) that oral thermometers are NOT accurate if you have had anything to eat or drink in the past 30 minutes - OR if you breathe through your mouth, it will not be an accurate reading either. This is a must have, in my household - I even take it to the hospital when I have a family member admitted, because the oral temps they take there are NOT accurate!

The best thermoscan and reasonable price

This thermoscan IRT6500US is the It best one on the market . Very handy and easy to use with 2 AA batteries..I used on my kid s , my family and go to travel . Save time and money every time I m sick to monitor temperature. It is last long about 2-3 years .

Great product

I did alot of research before I picked this thermometer. My daughter is a year old and the old rectal thermometer was a struggle. She wouldnt stay still for the ten seconds it needed, and I was afraid with all of her protesting I would hurt her. I looked at the reviews and I didnt know what to think. Half said it was junk, but the other half said it was perfect and accurate. For nearly 40$ I didnt want to pay for someting that others said was junk. I went ahead and bought it anyways because my dauaghter had a fever and I had no way to check it. I was so happy with this product. I read the instructions,(you cant use the ear that was resting on a pillow or blanket) and tested it on myself about a dozen times and in both ears, the readings were always within .2 of the previous temp. Pretty accurate. I was 98.7. So I went in my daughters room and checked it while she was sleeping. She didnt even wake up, the beep was queit enough not to wake her but loud enouth for me to hear. The indicator light was helpful in making sure it was inserted correctly and taken correctly. and in case you dont hear the beep you can just watch for when the green light goes out. It only takes about two seconds. I checked her ear three times and I got the same reading within .2 degrees. 102.7, 102.5, and 102.7. I absolutely love this product and recomend it to everyone. It works with adults and squirming toddlers. It was well worth the 40$. And if anyone is skeptical like i was the cashier told me if i didnt like it i could return it.

Disappointed by inconsistency w/reviews.

I've researched so many different thermometers for my 20mo old. Rectal temperatures are just not convenient or comfortable for all included anymore. I found this one to have the highest reviews and the best price. However, when we got it home and began to use it, I was confused. It's not at all living up to the standards set by all the raves about it. It's averaging about two full degrees lower than the rectal temperature on my son and even low on my husband and self as controls. As one reviewer said, maybe we're just not getting it far enough into my son's ear to get an accurate reading, but he screams and thrashes more trying to get it into his ear than he does taking his rectal temperature that I'm not sure it was even worth the $40 we threw at it. I feel that maybe the canal mechanism is simply too large for his small ears and causes him pain. Maybe we should have tried investing in an "infant" sized ear thermometer first??

Works great!

This works so well that I had to buy another one for a gift. I love it!

New model is good too

I have been using this product for two years and since bought several for my friend's kids. yhe unit is of high quality and very easy to use.

Great thermometer

What I love best about this product is the fact that there is a visual indicator of the thermometer's readiness for use, as well as for when the temperature is taken. My husband is hard of hearing, and he would be unable to use this without those features because he cannot hear the beeps. And my kids love it. They like to play a game for which ear we're going to use for their temperature. I just wish the plastic sheaths that cover the tip were more reasonably priced. With two children (one of whom spikes high fevers when sick), it feels like I am constantly needing to buy more.

Very basic, but accurate.

This is a very accurate thermometer. I love that, but there are a few features that I have had in previous ones that I wish this had. It does not have a backlit screen, which means that you cannot read a temperature in the dark, and it does not have a fever alarm which alerts you if the temperature is elevated. Overall I think it is a great product, and much more accurate then the cheaper ear thermometer that I had before this one. I use this on my 2 year old son, as well as myself. It is great.

Reply to last comment

This product is great. So everyone reading this knows, there is a difference in rectal, underarm, and oral temperatures. Rectal temps are usually higher, as they are internal, while underarm temps are lower, as they are external. Oral is the middle ground. This product is acurate, my opinion is that you maybe educate yourself about what normal temps for your age of child should be.

no back light!!

for $40 bucks, not having a back light really bothers me. Picture this.. It's the middle of the night, Your child is sick with RSV, and a burning fever. You give them medicine, and go in to check if it's gone down and you take their temperature but would have to turn on a bright light in the room just to be able to read it. Come on! What a huge oversight. The temp seems exact though.which is good... when you can read it.

Wonderful Product

This ear thermometer is so easy to use, even my husband figure it out, without having to look at the instructions. It is very accurate and my daughter doesn't scream anymore when I go to take her temperature!


My 2 year old is so scared to get his temp checked under his arm. It is so hard to get a temp on him fighting me and trying to keep his arm down until the thermometer beeps. Also, I have some hearing loss and find it hard to hear the beeps on the other thermometers. This one is great because it is very fast, practically instant. It has a light that is easy to see when it is done, as well as a beep that sounds. And the best part is all of my children love to have their temp checked by this.

Quick reading, great product

I am sure I am not the first parent who has had to try and keep a struggling child steady while waiting 2+ long minutes for the thermometer to register a reading. In this regard, the Braun ThermoScan is ideal. It takes an accurate ear reading in just a few seconds! The probe also does not feel cold to the touch, so my child actually seems to like having her temperature taken. The only drawback so far is that the LCD panel is not back-lit. It is impossible to see the reading in the semi-darkness, and one has to go to a light source to check the measurement. Otherwise, a great product, and Walmart beats everybody else on price.
I like that it quickly reads the temperature, however, the temperature is inaccurate. It went from 99.7 to 98.0 to 99.2 to 96, and had the same inconsistencies with both of my kids. Maybe I got a bad model since the reviews for it were awesome, but I will still be returning or exchanging it.
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Would definitely buy again!

We love how quick this reads a temperature! Our 20-month-old doesn't fight us like before. We find it to be consistent and accurate. It also saves the last reading so when you go to check a temperature again, it's great to have a quick reminder of what it last was, in case you don't remember or weren't keeping track on your own.

So far so good.

So far so good. Works just like the one in the hospitals.

One thing that works

I gave this as a baby shower gift because I have that has lasted for over 10 years and it still works.
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