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1-20 of 169 reviews
Great lens, for the price.

Customer review by ChuckS

5.0 stars 4/29/2011 by ChuckS
by ChuckS

Photography is my hobby not my profession. As such when I decided to upgrade to better equipment I chose Canon due to a lot of recommendations from friends who do shoot professionally. Once I got some of the basics down I wanted a decent telephoto lens with IS but did not want to spend a fortune on it. I came across this lens and bought it at a local retailer with a good return policy. Needles to say since I am taking time to write this I would not dream of returning this lens as it is now my most used of all my lenses. I use it for taking photos of everything from family portraits to events such as air shows. The images are crisp and clear and everything I hoped they would be. The only two cons I found are the same as a few others have mentioned. Autofocus is a bit slow, especially in the 200 to 250MM zoom range. And the moving focus ring which is common it seems on Canon’s low end lenses makes using filters a pain. But for the price you can’t beat the value and performance of this lens.

Daytona Beach, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
cheap, plasticky, but SHARP and IS!

Customer review by zoozoozoozoozooman

4.0 stars 11/27/2008 by zoozoozoozoozooman
by zoozoozoozoozooman

Yes, it's plasticky and cheap in terms of ergonomics and construction quality. No USM motor, and autofocus is slower than I'd like (this only really matters on the longer end of the 250mm zoom.) But optically, this lens is excellent -- it's sharp at both ends of the zoom. I used to have the 70-200mm F4 L (non-IS), and I can safely say this cheap zoom (55-250) matches or exceeds the F4's sharpness. (Note, I'm talking about the older non-IS 70-200mm F4, not the newer IS version.) The 55-250 has superior zoom-range, but inferior autofocus. On my Rebel XSi, it's not very good at focus-tracking moving subjects, and it does tend to hunt/wander in low-light (especially at the 250mm end.) Perhaps on a more expensive body (like the 40D/50D), it would autofocus better. In summary, the optical performance is solid, daresay excellent for the price. (It goes well with the 18-55mm F4-5.6 IS) If it breaks because of the cheap build quality, just buy another...

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You Get What You Pay For

Customer review by Planespotter44

4.0 stars 1/3/2010 by Planespotter44
by Planespotter44

This was my first Canon Lens, and I bought it with my Digital Rebel XSi. I do mostly aviation and nature photography, so I needed a good telephoto lens, but given that I had just bought the camera, I was quickly approaching my budget. So, in the search for a relatively good telephoto zoom lens, I found the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS. The reviews were surprisingly good, and the price was good too. I bought it and was not dissapointed. It was quick and sharp. The images came out very clear. The autofocus was great even in low light conditions. There were a few cons though, and these included the poor build quality. The lens is plastic. And though it operates great, it feels kind of like a toy. So I am always a little careful with this lens. Also, the image quality starts to suffer around the 200-250mm mark. But this is a budget lens, not a L series. So all in all its a great budget and starter lens for the price, but you get what you pay for, and it is just short of exceptional. But don't expect L series image quality at 250mm.

Los Angeles
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Better than most!

Customer review by GuitarPHILBERT

5.0 stars 7/2/2011 by GuitarPHILBERT

I was searching for a telephoto mate to my EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, which is one of the best lenses Canon makes for crop sensor cameras, and nothing fit the bill. I took a chance and tried this cheap lens. Wowza! Super sharp and great contrast. In test shootouts it stood up well to the best, and stays great throughout the whole range. Extra sharp all the way out to 250mm. The only two things I would complain about is the vignetting (dark corners) when you get zoomed out, and I would have paid a little more for a metal mount. But at this price you can't beat it until you get up to L class glass, and that you pay plenty for. I still wish Canon made a 55-300mm like my fantastic 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, but until they do I am sticking with this lens. Correcting stills in DPP is easy. My only concern is video on the long end with the vignetting issue. But image quality is super sharp and abberation is minimal, so just get this will like it!

SE Florida
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Best Value Lens

Customer review by PetePataPalo

4.0 stars 9/23/2009 by PetePataPalo
by PetePataPalo

I bought this lens and used it for many months now. I used to have the old 70-300 IS and a couple weeks ago I moved up to a L series 70-200 so now I can compare. Obviously de 70-200 is a superior lens, but the 55-250 is a GREAT lens for its price. Autofocusing is not slow but nothing I can complain, better than the 70-300 I would say. The IS is a great feature that will compensate somehow the fact of the smaller aperture. Compared to a non IS lens, you can use longer exposure times that will compensate for at least 2 F stops. Also the new IS technology compared to the old 2 mode seems better, more responsive, quieter and easier for me that love to shoot motorsports. Image quality is very good, but not impressive, a little more sharpness would be great. Colors are very good too. Build quality might seem worst than it is. I dropped it from about 1.5 ft once and no damage to case or photo quality. A great overall lens. A "must have" if you can't afford L series and want a good all arounder. a killer combination if you also have the popular 18-55

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Best Lens for the Price

Customer review by Andrew

5.0 stars 1/14/2011 by Andrew
by Andrew

Canon 55-250mm F/4-5.6 IS As a photography student in college, I purchased this lens in a Kit with my Canon T2i. I currently own several lenses and mainly use this lens for portrait shots and it certainly does an excellent job for the price. I have used this lens for about 32,000 images and it has shot Portrait, Flowers, Insects, Nature and different sort of events with many people. It has a great design and feels good in my hand. The manual focus works excellent. The images are crisp and sharp. I mostly manually focus and shoot with full manual settings. I plan in the near future/next several weeks to upgrade to the Canon 70-200mm F/4 IS USM or the Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS USM. Though soon this lens will be replaced, it will still serve as a great backup lens. If you are on a low budget, you can accomplish a great deal of beautiful images with this lens.

San Francisco, Ca
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good Lens

Customer review by MainstreamRailfan

4.0 stars 6/1/2012 by MainstreamRailfan
by MainstreamRailfan

I got this lens soon after I purchased my first DSLR (Rebel XS). The lens is pretty durable. It has been in all sorts of weather and even accidentally dropped off of the kitchen table once! The AF is ok, but is a little noisy and pretty slow. Image quality is pretty good for the price although it obviously doesn't compare to the L-Series lenses. I am a railfan and therefore I shoot trains and other item of railroad interest. When a train is headed for you at track speed it is a little slow at first, but one it gets focused, it's Image Stabilizer holds on for the ride an does a pretty good job. Although, I don't use the lens quite as often now that I have upgraded to an EOS 7D with 28-135mm lens, it will still occasionally venture out of the gadget bag and onto the camera when I need to really zoom in on something. A pretty good lens that I would recommend!

Lafayette, Indiana
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best Lens in the Box

Customer review by Iamretired

5.0 stars 6/4/2015 by Iamretired
by Iamretired

I received this lens with my T5i camera along with the EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS STM. I hardly ever use the latter lens outdoors. The EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II to me is a standard lens for all around use outdoors. I am a nature photographer, especially birds. I added a 2x telephoto extender to the lens and it is very difficult to focus manually and still get good shots of birds in flight. However, without the extender, I have had great success with the auto focus and have not used a tripod yet. Hand held shots are easy and come out great. I have also used this lens to shoot wedding photos. Mine came out better than the professional photographers. Maybe because I knew what I was shooting. I highly recommend this lens. It is one that should be in everyone's bag. The price is right and this is a great lens.

Justice, IL
Nice Lens

Customer review by Lynnzee

4.0 stars 2/25/2011 by Lynnzee
by Lynnzee

I bought this lens a few months ago for my Canon T1i! I use this lens quite a bit with almost everything I do! I like it very much for events with many people! It is the perfect size and allows me to get close up shots with out having to be in peoples faces! The price for this lens in fabulous!! There are though a few things that I am a bit disappointed with. First off I am very disappointed with the time it takes to focus. It takes a bit of thinking on the lenses part to get the right focus. Second I am not to happy with the end ring moving so much! It is harder to work with filters and is VERY noisy!! The slow focus is something that anyone can work with and the end ring moving is also something I can live with.. So over all I would recommend this lens! It is a nice lens to have in your bag just in case!

Superior, WI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Awesome detail at long distances

Customer review by dran_reb

5.0 stars 8/19/2014 by dran_reb
by dran_reb

This lens can capture amazing detail at a distance. I love it. I really like how I can get a beautiful, soft blurred background and yet have every last fine detail of my subject stand out. For example, at the zoo, I was able to get beautiful images of animals where you can see all the fine details of their feathers or fur, making you want to reach out and touch the photo. The image stabilization feature really helps a lot. I can capture very sharp photos of fast-moving objects, even while zoomed all the way in and handholding the camera. It has been fun to take pictures of faraway objects and look at them later, to discover details that I couldn't see with the naked eye at the time. If you like to take photos of animals or fill the frame with distant details, this is a good lens.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by FearlessAce

5.0 stars 1/17/2010 by FearlessAce
by FearlessAce

I'm an advanced hobbyist that had been using the standard kit lens for ages (ages being a about 6 years). A few months ago I got this lens bundled with the T1i, and absolutely love it. I love it not just for the quality and such, but specifically for the beautiful depth of field you can accomplish with such ease with this lens. Using it in conjunction with the T1i's HD Video function, and people will think you're using a multi-thousand-dollar cinematic camera. I have many "HD" video cameras, and none of them look nearly as good as the footage shot through this lens. The depth of field is really breathtaking for a lens in this price range, and I recommend it wholeheartedly to ANYONE looking for an inexpensive lens that can really keep up your spark for shooting.

Arlington, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
For the $, you can't beat the quality!

Customer review by IntegRob

5.0 stars 10/2/2009 by IntegRob
by IntegRob

Sure, this lens is not pro quality. But then again, you are not paying a pro quality price eather. Personally, I love this lens. I have a Canon Rebel t1i that I use this lens with and I will tell you, this lens gives me more than I expected. I get excelent pictures with this lens. Photography is my hobby that I am very passionate about. And I do put a lot of $ into it. (I have a Pixma Pro 9500 Mark II that I develop my pictures with. So I am not a cheep guy.) I have a lot better built and more expensive lenses. This one is my favorite. It is light and gives me the shots I am looking for. The construction is were they went light to get the price so low. However, if you take care of your equiptment like I do, it will last a long time.

Daytona, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great lens for the price!!!!!

Customer review by AustinJohnny

5.0 stars 12/8/2009 by AustinJohnny
by AustinJohnny

I was a 35mm SLR guy for about 25 years before swiching over to a point-and-shoot digital camera about 10 years ago. I just bought my first digital SLR camera (Canon T1i), and got this lens to go with it. This is not a pro-lens, so it would not be fair to judge it against those. But for my needs -- mainly family and vacation shots -- I couldn't ask for more! It is very clean, reasonably fast, and the image stabilitzation helps a lot with my much older hands these days. All the shots I have taken so far have been very clear and crisp, even in lower light.. I wouldn't try to use this lens for fast sports photography, or if I really needed "pro" results. But, for the price, it is outstanding for an amateur like me.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Great Value Zoom Lens

Customer review by Celeste

5.0 stars 7/18/2011 by Celeste
by Celeste

I love this lens! I purchased it to go with my T3, because the kit lens hardly zooms. Boy, am I pleased!. It's ultra-easy to use and the image quality is awesome. I can get great shots without having to interrupt my subject. Manually focusing is easy. The only con I have is how the Auto Focus is both loud and slow. However, if you can manually focus this is not a problem. Also, make sure you don't get too close to the subject because you won't be able to focus it. Again, not a problem if you back up and manually focus. You can get some great macro-like shots without the macro lens cost. Overall I am quite satisfied and recommend this as a great beginning zoom lens.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good for an Amateur

Customer review by Colleen

4.0 stars 4/10/2012 by Colleen
by Colleen

This lens is a good starter zoom lens. However, after discovering prime lenses, I realized that it is not very sharp. Sure, it zooms in a lot, but the images cannot compare to a prime lens for sharpness. Also, it can't really be used easily indoors because of the minimum 4.0 aperture. Outdoors, it does a decent job in good lighting, but again, the pictures are not as sharp as they could be. I really would recommend this only to an amateur who isn't planning to shoot in manual. If you are planning on moving up the ladder as far as equipment, I wouldn't bother. Get a 50 mm, 85 mm, or 100 mm lens instead. Despite the price, it's just not worth it.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Don't Let the Construction Fool You

Customer review by Big Al

4.0 stars 1/24/2012 by Big Al
by Big Al

Don't let the plastic lens mount and entry-level construction fool you, this lens produces high quality images and a very low price. I have some "L" glass for more serious work but for kids' athletics, trips to the zoo, and for following my granddaughters around the back yard this lens is perfect. Sharp with good contrast, its also light weight with an excellent implementation of Canon's Image Stabilization. It doesn't take up much space in my backpack so I carry it every day. This is really a great Canon lens for the money. I shoot it on a Canon EOS 60D and the combination is just about perfect for everyday shooting.

Big Al
Atlanta, GA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Very happy

Customer review by Dtaf

5.0 stars 8/1/2012 by Dtaf
by Dtaf

I purchased the lens a few months back when my "photography style" shifted to one that would require a lens with more zoom. After looking at countless reviews and comparisons I decided I was going to just go and buy this lens. I was immediatly surprised at the overall build quality of the lens, and for this price, im very happy. If the lens in fact lacks image sharpness, it's something that I am yet to notice. It produces a very sharp image on my t3i. If you're considering this lens I say go for it. P.s auto focus speed is nothing that makes the lens less attractive, quick and easy.

Florida FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great telephoto on a budget

Customer review by Jack

5.0 stars 6/6/2011 by Jack
by Jack

About a year ago i had to sell my Canon 75-300 IS lens. I was totally surprised by this lens. A 55-250 Image stabolized lens? A Canon Lens. At first i felt it was too good to be the truth.Until I had the chance to used for the first time. Image stabolized system realy works ( i did as low as 1/15 of a second without tripod with good results), second works great for portraits (narrow depth of field). Focal lenth very usefull. Very light. What i do not like is a plastic mount and front (as well most of the structure). On the other hand i found only couple situations when this was a issue (someone drop the lens and cracked front plastic filter mount). Since this lens is mostly plastic it is also very light. It take a lot less space than older full frame 75-300 IS. Since it is easier to use I also use a lot moreen than 75-300 IS. Picture quality is also very good. I low light focus could be faster. 55-250 can be use with 2x teleconverter for combine focal lenght of 55-400 which more than any photo enthusiast will use in a lifetime (that is in APC CMOS conversion equivalent of 77-350, or with 2x teleconverter 144-700!!!). This makes this lens the only telephoto lens You ever need. Lets not forget a average price of $200, which is less than half of previous 75-300 IS. Now almost anyone can afford second lens. I think Canon is making a revolution in IS affordable yet still good quality lenses. No other brand comes close.

Orlando, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excelent product

Customer review by luisman

5.0 stars 4/6/2009 by luisman
by luisman

I received the lens yesterday and have been testing it in all the ways I can imagine. The auto-focus works great, it's fast and accurate. The sharpness is outstanding, got super sharp images at very low speeds. I compared the images against a lens without the Image Stabilizer and the difference is incredible . I was holding the camera very carefully while using the lens without the IS and then I took the same picture with IS and holding the camera with shaking hands intentionally. The pictures with IS were much better, awesome feature. The zoom is perfect for mid ranged shoots, I guess I will need a larger one for shooting further objectives. I made some moon pictures too, the full zoom deployed covered an area of a bit more than 3 x 4,5 degrees of sky. The moon appeared a bit small in the pictures but after processing the images they turn to be very good, with the main craters very sharp and with good contrast. I will keep making astronomical pictures with this product, I don't doubt there will be great satisfactions with deep space objects and long exposure pictures. The body of the zoom is light weighted, I was very surprised by this because at first I thought it could be something to distrust but the quality is not affected by it and it's even a good thing since it's easier to handle it. It can't be easier to use it, there is no need to learn, just point and shot. All tests done with a EOS Digital Rebel XTi.

Sunny Isles Beach, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
nice nice very nice

Customer review by shootreadyaim

4.0 stars 12/23/2009 by shootreadyaim
by shootreadyaim

this complements the kit normal zoom very well and image quality is very good for price. This lens worked flawlessly for a month in the desert south west. while it is cheaply made ie plastic it held up to a month in a back pack its nice it is the same circumfrence ans the kit normal lens so you save on filtersspeaking of which since the barrell moves with the focus function using polorizers and gradated neutral dessity filters is a time consuming pain to use bush league actually since these filters should be considered essential for all photog use,

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 169 total reviews
1-20 of 169 reviews