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755 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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1-20 of 728 total reviews
1-20 of 728 reviews
Reheat evenly heats without overheating!

Customer review by TzuMom

5.0 stars 2/13/2017 by TzuMom
by TzuMom

This is our second Profile series appliance. We have not had any issues with either and the quality is worth it!

Atlanta, GA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Large capacity

Customer review by elsyd

5.0 stars 2/7/2017 by elsyd
by elsyd

This new GE Profile 2.2 microwave is replacing a 13 yr. old GE microwave. I've only had it a week but it is working fine, just like the previous model......I'm just waiting to have some adjustments made to previous model stainless steel trim kit so it fits. It matches all my other GE Profile appliances.

Riverside, CA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Overall Happy With Purchase

Customer review by MariahL

4.0 stars 8/23/2013 by MariahL
by MariahL

I bought this microwave based on a thorough comparison of other countertop microwaves on the market and a review of Consumers Reports recommendations. Overall, I am happy with the purchase, but believe that microwave technology is still evolving. This microwave comes with many features, but realistically I only utilize a few of them consistently. I regularly use the defrost function, but was disappointed to find that sensor cooking seems to overheat the food. I have never used sensor cooking technology before, so it was not a big deal for me to go back to just guessing the time that my food should be in there - but I will say, I was hoping this function was going to work more efficiently! I love the amount of room inside of the microwave, my paper towel covering the food no longer hits the inside of the microwave. The draw back is that the outside is large - I just put mine in a deep corner on my countertop, but if someone does not have the counter space I could see this being an issue.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Microwave Review

Customer review by Edvdb

3.0 stars 2/8/2017 by Edvdb
by Edvdb

Unit's invertor feature is very nice. Food seems to heat more evenly. Just using the timer however prevents the unit from cooking at the same time.

Maple Valley, WA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love it!

Customer review by jrh158

5.0 stars 2/8/2017 by jrh158
by jrh158

Huge Microwave that doesn't take up a lot of space! You could almost fit a turkey in there lol

Vermont, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Lots of great features

Customer review by Tracy25

5.0 stars 1/31/2017 by Tracy25
by Tracy25

This microwave is beautiful in my kitchen and has lots of helpful features, especially for the price. My favorite is keeping food warm for 30 minutes.

Oklahoma City, OK, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great features

Customer review by Javier316

5.0 stars 2/2/2017 by Javier316
by Javier316

Works great, the features and inverter mode are the best

Puerto Rico
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
good features and apperance.. i havent use it yet.

Customer review by sissy1961

5.0 stars 2/1/2017 by sissy1961
by sissy1961

I just received it ... it is Big and Pretty!!! I will let you know more in the future.

Columbus, GA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by daenas

3.0 stars 10/25/2016 by daenas
by daenas

I ordered this microwave over the internet and had it shipped to the local store. I didn't expect it to be a big as it is. I have plenty of room to even nuke a turkey! Overall a good microwave. I have found out I do not like the steel look as it shows up every fingerprint smudge in the world and hard to keep clean. This microwave has a "sensor" to sense the steam off of food and then stops cooking the food based on the amount of steam. Because of this "feature" I have managed to overcook and burn food by using the reheat, and other, buttons. I hate this feature and to me it doesn't work. I would have preferred the old "reheat" setting on my GE microwave which lowered the power and set the timer. So now I have to do everything manually. I do not use any of the particular food menus because of the overcooking situation. I cannot take this behemoth back, it took all my strength, a woman, just to get it from the car to my home, taking back is not an option. OH, the door button on my microwave sticks now and's a cheap plastic button that looks like steel.

Yuma, AZ, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Second Go Around

Customer review by MrsKG

4.0 stars 1/14/2017 by MrsKG
by MrsKG

This is our second GE Profile Microwave. First one purchased June 2007. Within the last year, we started having problems with the door not closing properly. We would have to slam the door shut in order for the microwave to work. We did that for several months until the door would not close at all. We will see how long this second microwave will last. On first sight, the microwave has a different light, possibly LED. Other than that, We will have to come back after a few months to right an updated review.

Chicago, IL, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
love this microwave!

Customer review by Tania92372

5.0 stars 1/24/2017 by Tania92372
by Tania92372

this is the 2nd one we have purchased, was super happy to find the same model again!!!

Pinon Hills, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Unit!

Customer review by Oneplusoneequalstwo

5.0 stars 1/23/2017 by Oneplusoneequalstwo
by Oneplusoneequalstwo

Bought this to replace older microwave, so glad we picked this unit. Works great and the features are a big plus.

Elgin, IL, United States

Customer review by cew90

4.0 stars 1/17/2017 by cew90
by cew90

Purchased 1 month ago, and the outer skin on the right side is blistering up, as if high heat contact,this happened about 2 1/2 after purchase. As for cooking I am more than satisfied.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Nice features. Good Consumer Reports review/rating

Customer review by carlaann

4.0 stars 1/16/2017 by carlaann
by carlaann

I just installed this microwave. It looks great in our new kitchen

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by MLOYCE

5.0 stars 1/15/2017 by MLOYCE

GREAT PRODUCT,EASY TO USE. WORKS WELL. read reviews and came highly recommended.

Martinez, CA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
my second one!

Customer review by JAR2206

5.0 stars 1/7/2017 by JAR2206
by JAR2206

My first "work horse" of a microwave bit the dust after 5 yrs + of service. There are 3 teenage boys living in the house along with my husband and myself, so there is LOTS of cooking and reheating done. I immediately set out to find the exact replacement, which is even better. The light must be an LED, since it is brighter. I am hoping this one out lives the last one, but if not, I will get a 3rd one!

Knoxville, TN, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love It So Far

Customer review by Virgo13

5.0 stars 1/7/2017 by Virgo13
by Virgo13

Love this microwave so far but am a little concerned how well the opening mechanism will hold up. Have to be sure to push button all the way in for the door to open. I'd rather have a handle on it, but only time will tell. I had my last microwave for 21 years, hope this one lasts too. Inverter technology really does help prevent "cooking" meat when you only want to defrost.

Shorewood IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Amazing size and features

Customer review by Amahil

5.0 stars 1/15/2017 by Amahil
by Amahil

This is such a nice microwave. Very large, many features, quite and beautiful.

New York
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great microwave

Customer review by lia1463

5.0 stars 1/11/2017 by lia1463
by lia1463

Works great omg not tryingvto write a book about it it works great does whatvit said

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A very good microwave oven with many features

Customer review by Edbeau

5.0 stars 1/8/2017 by Edbeau
by Edbeau

My old microwave finally died and forced me to buy a new one. Found this microwave and I am glad I did. It is a full featured microwave oven with very good power. I have had to reduce the time I had been using and this is great.

Beaufort, SC, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 728 total reviews
1-20 of 728 reviews