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54 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

4.5 stars

54 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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1-20 of 54 total reviews
1-20 of 54 reviews
Outstanding camera

Customer review by Napnip

5.0 stars 8/15/2011 by Napnip
by Napnip

This camera, in one word is: WONDERFUL! And that doesn't actually begin to describe it. I've got both a D90 and a D60, despite the fact that the D90 has some features the D60 lacks, I've gotta say I still prefer my D60. Why? Because it's so easy to use and the pictures are so absolutely stunning. Take a picture with the D60 and you're seeing the hand of God at work. Beautiful color, incredible sharpness (granted, in part depending on what lens you use), virtual Divine intervention in an image. Lots of modes and options to choose from. Still love my D90, but my D60 holds a special place in my heart. Best purchase I ever made. Bar none. I will never own anything but a Nikon camera. I would recommend Nikon (and do, since I work in the electronics department of a major retailer) to anyone and everyone. Buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Laurens, SC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
D60 Great Camera .... however......

Customer review by Bandit James

5.0 stars 10/17/2010 by Bandit James
by Bandit James

I bought this in May of 2008 and I was amazed at the first pictures I took. My previous camera had been a Kodak EASYSHARE DX6490. It was only 4.0 MegaPixels. The Nikon D60 is 10 MegaPixels. There is just no way to compare the abilities of the two cameras. It is like the difference between night and day. The pictures taken with the Nikon so much sharper and clean than those of the Kodak. Don't get me wrong, the Kodak did very well for what it was. Small prints looked great from the Kodak and the color was pleasing, but when they were blown up beyond 8x10 the loss of detail was objectionable. The only thing that is frustrating about the Nikon is there is no live view. You must look through the view-finder to see what you are photographing. I know the the D5000 came out shortly after I bought this D60 (my brother bought the D5000) and I wish I had waited. At any rate it still takes amazing pictures. My pictures almost always turn out better than my niece's Sony A380, which is 14 megapixels. I don't know if I am a better photographer or the Nikon is a better camera. I think it's the Nikon. Anyway I have mine and I love it! Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Bandit James
Central Florida
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Fantastic Camera

Customer review by GASGAS1

5.0 stars 10/1/2011 by GASGAS1

We have owned the Nikon D60 for nearly 2 years, after owning a traditional SLR Cannon Rebel for over 7 years. This was our first Nikon purchase and our first digital SLR. The photos we've taken for my small business website (boutique florist), personal family use and while on vacations, most recently a cruise to Alaska, display the quality and features this camera has to offer! High quality camera, and takes just as great of photos as my sisters D90...hers just has more bells and whistles...none that I miss. Recently created a photobook as an anniversary gift to our parents and everyone has complimented the quality of the images and frequently asked what kind of camera we own. We would highly recommend any Nikon SLR camera, especially first time digital SLR won't be disappointed.

Lodi, California
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Entry Level DLSR Camera

Customer review by Haveing fun with photography, again.!

5.0 stars 5/18/2012 by Haveing fun with photography, again.!
by Haveing fun with photography, again.!

Purchased this camera in April '09 and I am still in love with it. I did have a small issue with the light meter over exposing, but sent it in under warranty and it has worked flawlessly since. This was my first foray into digital and at first found all the functions daunting. I purchased a book on the D60 and also attended a Nikon class (came free with purchase). With some practice I have been taking some fantastic pictures. The nice thing about digital is you can take lots & lots of pictures and then just delete the ones that don't come out well. I have since bought some different lenses - tele and wide angle and with each one a new world opens up. I have traveled quite a bit with it and it hasn't let me down. Also get the remote shutter release so you can get in the picture too. :)

Haveing fun with photography, again.!
Northern, VA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
So quick and easy to use

Customer review by Happy Snapper

5.0 stars 9/24/2012 by Happy Snapper
by Happy Snapper

My husband bought me my first SLR digital camera "Nikon D60" for Christmas 2008. I am a travel consultant and have traveled the world with this wonderful camera. It has never let me down. People are forever commenting on how nice my photo's are. I've just returned from doing a 23 day coach holiday throughout Britain and Ireland, most of my photo's were taken through the window of the coach traveling at high speeds. I am impressed by how clear the photos are and I just love how instant it is to turn on, aim and click and out comes this amazing photo. The battery life also amazing me. I have taken hundreds of photo's without needing to re-charge the battery, unlike my fellow travelers with cheap digital cameras. The only downfall I have found with the camera is that it only has 3 focal points. I love macro photography and after owning 3 other digital cameras previous to owning the D60, the D60 is far more superior in quality and sharpness. I just love my D60 it's been such a great camera to use and I highly recommend it, even though you cannot buy them in shops now as new models have now been released. I am contemplating on upgrading mine at some stage and I will definitely be buying another Nikon.

Happy Snapper
Hervey Bay QLD 4655, Australia
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Awesome camera

Customer review by NikonShooter

5.0 stars 9/6/2011 by NikonShooter
by NikonShooter

The D60 produces amazing pictures for a very reasonable cost. The first thing that struck me was how fast the camera could take pictures. I always hated the lag with digital cameras compared to film cameras, especially dealing with kids or sports, but I don't worry about that with the D60. I am a long-time camera buff and always wanted a FAST DSLR that was affordable and the D60 is all that. I have added a speedlight and more lenses and I am very pleased with the results. I use a very fast SD card with lots of capacity and that complements the D60 very well. I even use the scenes settings as they seem to work well for my needs and they are simple to set. This coming from an old user of "all-manual" cameras. Why fight it when it works fine?

Spring, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Awesome Camera

Customer review by Safety 56

5.0 stars 4/14/2011 by Safety 56
by Safety 56

Hello, Nikon camera owners. I am a proud owner of my first DSLR camera which is the Nikon D60. When I purchased the camera it was still in production but, we all know how quickly companies come up with new upgraded products in this computer age we live in. The D60 was and is a perfect camera for learning about serious photography. The fun part about taking pictures is the excitement of looking for that one great shot that just wows you when you find it! That is pretty much how my Nikon has worked every time I use it. The pictures are truly amazing. and it is not that I am this great photographer, rather it is because I have a great camera that makes the pictures I take so incredible. Thanks Nikon!!! Safety 56

Safety 56
Seattle, Washington
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Stopped functioning...

Customer review by Mike

1.0 stars 7/6/2011 by Mike
by Mike

This was my first SLR camera and my first leap into real photography. I was at first impressed by the D60. It's small body feels really good in your hands and feels very durable. It took great photos and had a very nice user interface. Unfortunately, after only one year of use and not more than 4000 photos, the SD card reader stopped functioning. I tried it with four different cards to no avail. As if this wasn't enough, the battery completely stopped receiving a charge despite the fact that I had only tried to charge it less than 15 times or so. This camera was a real lemon and I'd have to advise you to look elsewhere. Do an internet search and you'll see that others have met the same demise.

Would recommend to a friend? No
My first SLR and I am :-)

Customer review by thewaterclosetwerks

4.0 stars 1/12/2011 by thewaterclosetwerks
by thewaterclosetwerks

The D60 is my first foray into the SLR world. Prior to this camera, I'd used Canon Power Shots. It took me a while to figure out how to use the camera, but with the manual and a couple of after market books, and Nikon's support desk, I realized the power of this nice little camera - especially when it's in manual mode. It takes great photos. It's easy to use, not too heavy, and small enough to fit in my small hands well. My only problem with the D60 is that it only shoots 3 frames per second and when I use the continuous shoot mode, it takes a while for the processor to get the data into the memory card. But, it might be time for an upgrade. But I'm hesitant to part with this great little gem.

Royal Oak, MI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Not perfect, but quite close.

Customer review by Coaster Mike

5.0 stars 11/6/2010 by Coaster Mike
by Coaster Mike

The D60 is my first DSLR that I've owned, and as my talent with photography has grown the D60 never let down. Although it is a beginner camera, it does keep some features from higher end SLR's. Picture quality is superb; from low light to outdoors the D60 is always a great camera to shoot with. The only complaints I have are the small(ish) screen and viewfinder, flimsy rubber accessory port (mine fell off and was lost within a month), and lack of a flash release lever (you can only open the flash with the camera in shooting mode). Although it has a few quirks, I absolutely love taking photos with this camera. Overall the D60 is without a doubt the BEST beginner/intermediate SLR I've used.

Coaster Mike
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good For Beginners

Customer review by Traveler7

5.0 stars 4/14/2011 by Traveler7
by Traveler7

I bought this camera a couple of years ago and I have really enjoyed it. It has great power and versatility for the price. Now that I have become more familiar with DSLR's there are a few things that I have come to not like: 1) You need to buy AF-S lenses because the camera doesn't have an internal motor. This gets annoying because of how expensive AF-S lenses are. 2) There is a lot of noise when taking night shots. Pictures get a lot of hot pixels and red coloring in the corners. 3) I have bigger hands and the body feels small. So for a new SLR user this is a great little camera, but I have quickly come to believe that I might want to upgrade to a more powerful camera.

Boston, MA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My First DSLR

Customer review by Rocketman

5.0 stars 8/6/2015 by Rocketman
by Rocketman

I got this camera in 2007-2008 (can't remember), but i have been everywhere with it, I have used it from Texas to Alaska. I have not had any issues with it, I added a battery grip for longer shooting periods. This camera won me 2nd place in my school photography contest as well. It has a lot of features, and works well in any situation. I have dropped it a few times, and it still works fine. The only thing I want is faster shooting, but thats basically it.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A reliable camera which produces great pictures.

Customer review by AV

4.0 stars 5/1/2011 by AV
by AV

I am a photography enthusiast. Most of my photographs are of people, animals and birds at the zoo. I bought D60 in 2008 and have used it as my primary camera since then. It has always delivered excellent results. A great camera for enthusiasts. With the passing of years, I have been eying the D90 and D7000 as potential options for upgrade.. because they can handle AF lenses. The D5100 is also a compelling upgrade as it offers better high ISO performance, Video capability and exposure bracketing. The D60 will however remain with me as the camera that that helped me learn digital photography.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A traditional SLR without the film.

Customer review by Travelling Shade

5.0 stars 11/20/2011 by Travelling Shade
by Travelling Shade

I bought this to replace an old, faithful Contax film SLR that had finally had it. My mission? a digital camera as close to what I was replacing as possible...and after having had the D60 for a few years, I still think it is just that. Minimal, no extraneous plastic bulk (canon, I'm looking at you), and all the features you'll ever need, without all the complication of too many buttons (that don't do a heck of a lot). This camera got me through art school, and is serving me well in my travels and current jobs, (including some semi-professional photo work). Cheers Nikon!

Travelling Shade
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
D60 w/ AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm = to a 3ct. Diamond!

Customer review by PaigeTuner

5.0 stars 6/29/2011 by PaigeTuner
by PaigeTuner

I'm the girl with the cool ring! There's not much I can't do at a novelist level. I've got the basic skills of pulling off a planned shot but this camera does all the work. I can take a close-up (micro'ish) with blurred background, outdoor sporting vents, or zooming in on the Mts. It's easy to travel with; my husband tucks into his ski jacket while "carefully" skiing in Colorado. Only downfall, low light indoor/ indoor sports. I can't pull off a Tack Sharp photo. I need (ok want) the AF 50mm for indoor/low light weddings & karate.

Boulder, Colorad
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great camera for beginners

Customer review by nikonloverr

4.0 stars 6/30/2011 by nikonloverr
by nikonloverr

I have had this camera for 2 years now and it has gone so many places with me. I have loved the quality of my photos and the easy use of the camera. However, I am now looking into up-grading to a better camera and I am realizing that I could have gotten a much better camera for about the same price. The biggest Con of this camera is that it only has 3 AF points. this means not all your pictures are as crisp and clear as you'd like them But if you are a beginning photographer I would definitely recommend it!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Outstanding camera

Customer review by JackFish

5.0 stars 4/18/2013 by JackFish
by JackFish

Outstanding SLR camera! This little camera has been with me all over North America, and has performed beautifully. VR technology is incredible, and most of my images (birds) can be enlarged enough that a big telephoto lens is not necessary. I am just now exploring B&W possibilities. Controls are intuitive, and anything that is not labelled clearly can be accessed through a very easy to access and understand set of menus. I had to consult the manual once (remote release) since I have had the camera.

Bradenton, FL, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Perfect for all vacations

Customer review by Avid User

5.0 stars 1/8/2011 by Avid User
by Avid User

I love this I had a 35mm film camera from another maker that I loved. I shot about 10-15 rolls of film a year with it, and every shot was great. When I first shot with the D60 I was disappointed, then I read the manual and visited the Nikon web site for the technique and tips. Now that I understand how to set up the camera for the conditions I am shooting in I feel I could go pro.  P.S. Now i shoot 100 + pics per outing.

Avid User
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Reliable and Efficient

Customer review by NikonShooter

5.0 stars 12/28/2011 by NikonShooter
by NikonShooter

My Nikon D60 has been very reliable for me, I have owned it for over 2 years. Whenever I take it with me, it never lets me down. The cameras picture quality is just amazing and makes portraits and landscapes easy to work with. Even though this camera only has a 3 point AutoFocus, it is still easy to work with and is good for anyone looking for a reliable and perfect starter camera, it will not disappoint.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love this Camera!

Customer review by NikonD60

5.0 stars 8/28/2010 by NikonD60
by NikonD60

This is my 1st Digital SLR. I researched for months and I kept finding myself coming back to this camera. Went home for a visit and even found a D60 on my father's desk! I love the weight of the camera, the ease of use, the length of the battery, the screen...I could go on & on...Only "wish" I asked my hubby for a bigger lens for my birthday...can't wait! Thanks Nikon! I am hooked!

Wamego, KS
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 54 total reviews
1-20 of 54 reviews