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23 reviews | 3.4 out of 5

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23 reviews | 3.4 out of 5

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1-20 of 21 total reviews
1-20 of 21 reviews
Maybelline NY Expert Wear Twin Brow & Eye Pencils

Customer review by Teri

1.0 stars 4/2/2016 by Teri
by Teri

poor product. works ok on eyebrows but NOT around eyes; requires hard pressure and stretching of skin to even get a light line for latter.

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Glamour meets chic

Customer review by HappyCamper123C

4.0 stars 1/18/2014 by HappyCamper123C
by HappyCamper123C
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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Very nice product, not too dark or too light. Nice and compact so it fits in just about any makeup bag. Ridiculously low price for the quality. Just wish it was automatic.

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Cleveland, Ohio
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Age:18 - 24
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Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
shades of gray

Customer review by twylee

5.0 stars 1/9/2013 by twylee
by twylee

For several years now I have been searching for the charcoal gray eye pencils. I began to think I was the only one that used it, so you got rid of it. After reading all these reviews, I find I am not alone. What will it take for Maybelline to listen to it's customers and give them what they want? It appears that no cosmetic company is carrying a gray shade of brow pencil. I've looked with bare essential, l'oreal, Cover Girl, Clinique, any many more. Hey Maybelline, how about being different from your competitors and give your customers what they want - CHARCOAL GRAY brow pencils.

Twin Brow and Eye Pencils

Customer review by Basia

5.0 stars 11/27/2012 by Basia
by Basia

I am a white haired gal who used the charcoal grey twin brow and eye pencils for as long as I can remember. I haven't been able to find them for about the past few years - the charcoal is the only color that matched my complexion and hair (other greys in other brows do not have the same hardness and good color). If they have been discontinued please bring them back and if I can somehow order them I would do that also.

Charcoal Grey

Customer review by saervin

1.0 stars 12/11/2013 by saervin
by saervin

I see a lot of other people are in the same boat with the charcoal grey pencil. I was told to use blonde too and it also looks unnatural. I am almost totally grey and putting a brown color on looks terrible. Why did you abandon the charcoal grey? You are missing out on a lot of customers. I have stopped using all Maybelline products since you quit making the charcoal grey. If you abandon me, I will abandon you.


Customer review by rainstorm9

4.0 stars 12/6/2012 by rainstorm9
by rainstorm9

I have dark brown hair (of course there is no option for this in your drop down menus for this review either) but the dark brown pencil is too light and too reddish for my brows. The charcoal grey was PERFECT and now it's discontinued! BRING IT BACK! SO many women want this color back, I can't imagine why you discontinued it! It's the perfect shade for those of us with dark brown hair and those with grey as well!

charcoal grey brow pencils

Customer review by chatty

5.0 stars 8/30/2013 by chatty
by chatty

I have used charcoal grey brow pencils since 8th grade! The blonde is not right, the browns are too red. The charcoal grey, believe it or not, is the right shade for my blonde hair. It looks so natural because my brows are ash blonde, and the charcoal grey has ALWAYS been very natural looking!! Bring it back!!!!!

Please bring charcoal grey back!!

Customer review by coupon

1.0 stars 6/5/2013 by coupon
by coupon

Add me to the list of those who want the charcoal grey brow pencil back. It was the perfect color for me and for my daughter. I do not like the brow pencils that have a red tone in them or that are so dark, that they look unnatural. It was a great product. I hope Maybelline will listen to its customers.

Bring back the "Charcoal Grey" shade

Customer review by phelps420

2.0 stars 9/25/2012 by phelps420
by phelps420

I have used and was completely happy with your brow pencil in the Charcoal Grey shade. Since my hair has become "salt and pepper" my usual shade no longer is suitable. The Charcoal Grey absolutely fit the bill and I was quite pleased with how it accented my hair and skin tone. Please bring it back!

Bring back to charcoal grey!!

Customer review by Susann

5.0 stars 12/9/2012 by Susann
by Susann

I have been using these eyebrow pencils for over 25 years. The charcoal grey was perfect for my brown hair. I now search for a replacement for this product. Seems to me that customers were buying this color because it wasn't always available when I needed it. Please bring it back.

Love Charcoal Grey Eyebrow pencil

Customer review by xxxxxxxxxx

5.0 stars 4/11/2014 by xxxxxxxxxx
by xxxxxxxxxx

Used the Expert eyes charcoal grey eyebrow pencil in the Maybelline two-pack since my twenties, perfect for my hair & skin tones. Now in my 60s, it's still the only one that works. No other "charcoal grey" or other color works. PLZ bring it back!

charcoal gray expert eyes , please please please

Customer review by cocamo

5.0 stars 11/22/2013 by cocamo
by cocamo

please please bring back charcoal gray expert eyes twin brow and eye pencils it is the only eye makeup I liked and I have used every product there is and nothing but nothing compares to charcoal grey expertwear ,PLEASE BRING BACK the charcaol grey .


Customer review by Reetpetite

1.0 stars 3/10/2013 by Reetpetite
by Reetpetite

I have been using charcoal grey eyebrow pencil for as long as I can remember. It was soft and natural was PERFECT! Now I am one of MILLIONS of " baby boomers" why on earth would you discontinue such a GREAT PRODUCT? I WANT MY GREY BACK!

Affordable and Versatile

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 1/7/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I've tried eyebrow powders but I find that these are easier and faster to use when filling in my brows. They can apply in sharp lines or soft, blended washes as needed, and they have great staying power. They are great for understated eyeliner too!

An anonymous customer
I can't believe they discontinuted it!

Customer review by LaurasBrow

3.0 stars 10/20/2012 by LaurasBrow
by LaurasBrow

I used to use the grey pencil on my brows, it came out a very natural looking soft black. I learned this from a prima donna grandmother. There ARE other brands that will work but are not the same. This one had the right hardness. Very disappointed.

Best pencil ever

Customer review by Lola

1.0 stars 1/2/2014 by Lola
by Lola

I've used these as eyeliners for years - they stay on all day, unlike most eyeliners on the market that disappear after a few hours or smudge and run. The problem is, I cannot seem to find these pencils in any Canadian retailers anymore - why?

Pencil Colors

Customer review by Paulette

3.0 stars 9/12/2012 by Paulette
by Paulette

I want to know if you are every bringing back the color "Charcoal Grey". My hair color is white and the colors you presently offer are not becoming for my hair and skin color. Please bring back the charcoal grey and you'll make me happy again.


Customer review by mzzboss2u

3.0 stars 11/11/2012 by mzzboss2u
by mzzboss2u

Why would you ignore a group of woman just because we have gray or silver hair. Your solf black is way to dark, I WANT MY CHARCOAL BROW PENCIL BACK . PLEASE, PLEASE

Also wondering about charcoal grey

Customer review by saracue

4.0 stars 9/25/2012 by saracue
by saracue

The charcoal grey color used to be my favorite eye brow liner but since you guys got rid of it i had to switch to covergirl soft brown.. just not the same tho.


Customer review by ahappy65

5.0 stars 6/12/2015 by ahappy65
by ahappy65
Top 250 contributor

I have used these brow pencils for many years and they are still the best ever. I will not be without them.

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1-20 of 21 total reviews
1-20 of 21 reviews