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837 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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837 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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1-20 of 835 reviews
Dream Come True

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 2/9/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I have waited years for a product like the "Epson Perfection V500 Photo Scanner" low cost with the best quaility possible, to save & copy family photos from the 60's / 70's. Most of the old photos have a orange/tan tint, but Scanning @600dpi and using the Adobe Photoshop software (FREE!) every picture came out as if it was from today. AND Walmart Has the BEST price around look at these photos

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An anonymous customer
Kewanee, Illinois
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
Great scanner for pictures and 35-mm for the price

Customer review by eyeballmechanic

4.0 stars 4/13/2012 by eyeballmechanic
by eyeballmechanic

Getting started required some digging into the on-line operator manual for photos, and even longer to understand the set-up for 35-mm slides. With the addition of the Photoshop element, old pictures turn out almost like the originals to e-mail and post to friends. The attached color picture is 35-mm slide and the black and white one a very old hard copy photograph.

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Enterprise, AL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:65 or older
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Once per week
Love this product~

Customer review by 5boyscrazymom

5.0 stars 4/6/2010 by 5boyscrazymom
by 5boyscrazymom

I spent months researching and comparing scanners I wanted a really good one to scan all of my parents photos. This one is really nice and easy to use. It has many options and makes it work for what you need. one thing i love is that you can put a few pictures on the screen and it distiguishes the different photos and saves them as seperate files instead of all one scan. it saves so much time when you have thousands of pictures to scan. It appears to have good quality and I can zoom in to my scan images and they're not pixels. Anyways I enjoy this and have already done hundreds of photos and it works like a gem!

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Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Awesome Scanner

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 8/3/2010 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I am not use to writing reviews ... I can tell you that I love this scanner... I had a older one from Epson and I wanted to update... my friend took my old one and is still using it.. wow huh... this one, the photos that I scan are so beautiful clear and sharp...and it does the best it can with some of my really old 35mm photos that I did not do a good job of taking the picture...I love the Dust and scratch removal that's great...I like the looks of it also that is a nice bonus for sitting on the desk... I like that I can move it to another location and plug into my laptop I have windows 7 on my laptop and so it goes between Vista and Windows 7 with out any problems...oh yes the one feature that it has that I love and use all the time is the email one... you just push the little button it it does it's thing... I have taken the photo from email and then the same one and scanned it to the computer and I cannot tell the difference... great huh...hope this helps you...I would buy another one from Epson...

An anonymous customer
California USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
love it

Customer review by sumrzoff

5.0 stars 7/10/2009 by sumrzoff
by sumrzoff

I wanted family pictures from several very old b&w negatives. The Epson V500 was recommended to me. There is no instruction book. Almost sent it back until I read the Q&A on the website which explained what to do. Works great and easy to use. I would recommend this purchase to anyone even someone who knows little about scanners.

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I am impressed

Customer review by Vstarvic

5.0 stars 12/30/2011 by Vstarvic
by Vstarvic

I unpacked the scanner and inserted the installation disk into my laptop. Autorun started and installed all the software without a hitch. I plugged in the power and connected the included USB cable into the scanner and the laptop. I put a photo on the scanner glass, closed the lid and pressed a button. The default settings produced a great looking JPG in about 15 - 20 seconds. I then put a B&W negative from the 1930's in the masque and changed the setting to film bw negative and again a perfect JPG. the amazing thing is that all the scratches and fingerprints were missing on the JPG. The only thing I had problem with was the sizes of the negative masks. My 1930's negatives were too big. So I made my own mask from artboard and can now scan a large negative up to 3.25" x 9". You have to keep the customized mask about an inch from the top because the scanner is programmed to 'read' what mask is being used. Definitely worth the price. Easy to use.

Peterborough, ON
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Epson V500 printer

Customer review by jtvairs

4.0 stars 1/25/2011 by jtvairs
by jtvairs

I've used an Epson scanner before, this is my first. Whether I scan documents, photos or negatives, the quality and speed is good. I had the opportunity to build a display for my Uncle, a WWII vet. The family did not want to give up his letters. I scanned them and the result was so close to the actual letters that unless you felt the paper you wouldn't know the difference. It's a joy to have the opportunity to display or handle photos and documents that otherwise may have been stored away for safety. In the video club, Epson has the best reputation for quality and value. I am amazed to get such a nice product for the price. It makes photo restoration for the home user practical. I would recommend this scanner to home or professional users. I also do DVD memorials and often have to scan a hundred photos to put together a slide show in a hurry. The Epson performs well, it's easy to operate and I still have money left for the rest of my hobbies.

Des Moines, IA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good Scanner

Customer review by Lefty

5.0 stars 5/3/2016 by Lefty
by Lefty

Bought my First V500 in 2009 for the backlight and negative scanning features. Great Scanner. It died, so I purchased the V500 LED version. It has operated great. WIN 10 did wipe out the drivers, but I was able to download them from Epson and it is back up and running. Hope Epson continues to sell this "legacy" scanner. It is the best I have seen on the market for the average user.

Near Chicago
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by An anonymous customer

4.0 stars 4/29/2016 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I love the scanner. The only problem I have is that I wished it had components to scan other size negative. I have many more negatives for the 110 size cameras and more of those real small which I dont remember what size are they, and others before in the sixties!! Would you have the forms for those negatives that I can buy??? Thank you, Isabella

An anonymous customer
Glenview Ill
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Epson V500

Customer review by George M

1.0 stars 4/29/2016 by George M
by George M

the scanner and software works flawlessly in Windows 8.1. I upgraded to Win-10 and have been unable to get the hardware to be recognized by the operating system. The software does not open at all. I am very disappointed with the instructions on the support page. After following the instructions, I had to back off my upgrade to Win-10.

George M
Springfield, MA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Best Scanner

Customer review by Buckeye Yankee

5.0 stars 4/30/2016 by Buckeye Yankee
by Buckeye Yankee

I am a retired graphic arts cameraman and an amature photographer and have owed this scanner for many years. It does a wonderful job scanning and correcting my aging 35mm slides from the late 60's. Scans both mounted and unmounted slides, prints and documents.

Buckeye Yankee
Norwalk Ohio
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My Epson Scanner

Customer review by Captain

5.0 stars 5/2/2016 by Captain
by Captain

The scanner is all I hoped it would be. I have been using it for 3 years and was amazed that the change to Windows 10 was done without a hitch. Love it.

Galena, OH
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
V500 Set UP

Customer review by ditda

2.0 stars 11/18/2011 by ditda
by ditda

So Far 3 Plus hours into receiving my new Epson V500 still cannot get communication to PC from Scanner. Also, I get a 1935 Error when trying to load free PhotoShop Elements 9.0, and there is lots of hits with this issue. Some say registry issues, yet still not able to get it loaded. Back to support? There is little or no help with noted tech support in trouble shooting guide supplied with new scanner. It directs one to online page, and once you go thru which type of cable you are using USB just drops off with no help. I have also deleted and reinstalled software, and drivers, my PC states all good, ready to use, yet when trying to test scanner??? Not able to communicate??? It shows up in my devices, so lost...must wait till am to call customer support...After reading all the reviews about compatibility with Windows 7 the instuctions state that if one uses 7 just follow same set up as if using Vista?? Lost...I am hoping to get the scanner up and running, great reviews and I have lots of pics and old negs to bring back into our lives...

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
excellent slide scans

Customer review by Dave

5.0 stars 10/19/2010 by Dave
by Dave

I used the epson Perfection V500 to scan slides, almost immediately after the scanner was set up. My biggest difficulty was determining how to turn off my anti-virus and anti-malware, before loading the scanner software. I have Windows 7, and there was a V500 software element that had been unknowingly blocked by the Windows 7 security. However, the system subsequently automatically querried me for permission to load the element, and all went well. I have been impressed with the scanner results. I have hundreds of family slides, that had been stored in boxes for years. The V500 is producing enhanced pictures, to create slide shows, which are easily duplicated for relatives. I had initially put slides into the scanner upside down, which reversed the pictures. But those pictures were easily deleted and re-scanned. Now scanning is almost reflex. I wish there was a methodology to set naming conventions for photos, so they could be readily rearranged after they are scanned. Perhaps there is flexibility that I am unaware of, since I am a beginner.

central Pennsylvania
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Epson V500 quality scans and user friendly

Customer review by TheVirtualPhotographer

5.0 stars 6/26/2010 by TheVirtualPhotographer
by TheVirtualPhotographer

After using my Epson 1640 Photo scanner for 14 years it started showing a blue vertical line in my scans so I decided to buy the Epson V500 photo scanner. I was very impressed with the scans of the Epson 1640, but, the scans I am getting out of the V500 are even better. I am a professional photographer and resolution is very important to me. I make a living in providing quality scans and as a result quality prints for my customers. I work in the windows 7 environment and set-up of the V500 Photo scanner was extremely easy. This scanner is even more quiet than my old scanner. If you want quality scans and an easy to use scanner that sync's effortlessly with any photo program, this is the scanner to get. I highly recommend it to anyone. I hope it gives me many years of service as did my old Epson 1640. By- the-way, the Epson 1640 blue line issue I mentioned above is a line you see only when the image was magnified 150%, other wise you cannot tell it was there. I gave my Epson 1640 to my daughter who is now using it to scan her regular school work.

Orlando, Fl
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Amazing and Impressed

Customer review by Bob Z

5.0 stars 1/1/2011 by Bob Z
by Bob Z

Had bought a scanner for my folks for Christmas 2010 to convert their 40-50 year old slides and the results were poor to say the least. Having decided to do it right the first time, did some research and decided on the Epson V500. Just purchased it this morning from Staples and I am amazed and impressed with the results. Results are clear with great color and tone, and truly amazing. Looking forward to getting them all done, make dvd's and give them to family members for future gifts. Some of the reviews I read when doing my research noted a con to this device being it takes too long. While it does take time, the results make up for it! Would recommend to Epson to find a way for their future design for quicker way for customers to replace the slides. Seems a bit antiquated with having to lift the plastic slide console to remove the slides right from the scanner glass top and then have to replace the plastic slide console and then place the new slides to be scanned. Otherwise, would rate this scanner a 4.8 out of 5.0. Almost perfect! Thanks Epson!

Bob Z
Douglassville, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
why ask for a review since nothing will change

Customer review by jg

3.0 stars 9/22/2012 by jg
by jg

the machine itself is simple to use. the price was right. quality seems adequate. its not as fast as they claim it to be. what really slows the process down is the use of the software. instead of just one inclusive interface application with top menu toolbar choices, you have to chew your way thru multiple application and windows to setup a scan for doc type, parameters, process, etc. its ridiculous. if you need to append pdf docs, its another long drawn out process. it seems your better off directly using the adobe app to do so. then theres the help app. its in html format. again a cumbersome ancient format. which isnt printable unless you want to open every single link and print it. all other info is in pdf format. why couldnt the most important info be in pdf format? why should the customer have to do it? theres a lack of choices and preferences as to the use of the apps themselves. e.g. -- epson scan app.--scan a doc and it closes. i should have a choice as to whether it stays open or closes, no matter what mode is

northeast u.s.
Would recommend to a friend? No
Great slide scanner

Customer review by mypoorgoat

4.0 stars 1/20/2010 by mypoorgoat
by mypoorgoat
Walmart associate

I tried the under $100.00 scanners and they were terrible. Finally saved for this one, which was a great buy. It can scan 4 slides in under 2 minutes and gives you total control of how you want to make the picture sharper. Takes some reading of instructions on some operations, but i have had no issues.

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Hope, AR
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Usage:Every few days
Walmart associate
great scanner for photos

Customer review by leftoverking

4.0 stars 8/27/2013 by leftoverking
by leftoverking

i have scanned thousands of negatives with this scanner, and it has worked great. the prints made from the scans have turned out nice, and all in all, for the price it is a great product. my only complaints with the product are the negative holders for 35mm film are a bit flimsy, but worked fine. also the software leaves a little bit to be desired. the features of the scanning software are fine, but the preview window is so small it is of little use. most of the corrections i made to my negatives were done in photoshop afterward, but it would be nice to be able to see what the heck you are doing on the way in. i looked into some german software that works with the v500. they had a preview panel that could be made full screen. way more useful, but in the end i did not purchase it. really, epson could greatly improve their product by making the software preview expandable. then it would be a five star product hands down.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
great scanner

Customer review by tec1

5.0 stars 3/21/2011 by tec1
by tec1

I needed to salvage slides from the 50's into the 70,s that were not stored properly. I tried 3 different scanners with less than great results. This unit has done a great job of restoring the slides. It does take up to 10 minutes to restore 4 slides, but the results are worth it. I downloaded the software for the unit off the Epson website and followed the special instructions for windows 7 and the scanner was up and running. The only drawback to this scanner is the operating instructions are weak. You need to locate instructions on the Epson web site.

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N.E. Pa.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
1-20 of 835 total reviews
1-20 of 835 reviews