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862 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 785 reviews
best 5 shelf storage on the market

Customer review by Charina

5.0 stars 9/29/2016 by Charina
by Charina

2 years ago we turned a small room in our house into a pantry. Researched shelving and found Sterlite 5 Shelf units bought 1 to give it a try. It was so easy to build and held up very large and heavy boxes. We ordered 8 more. assembled all 8 in about 2 hours. we went with five shelf units to utilize the whole height of the room. Even though its a pantry, we store other things like Christmas decorations on the top shelf. It holds up really well. We built a shed on our back yard to fit 13 Sterlite 5 Shelf units, however sadly they are not available. Have been trying to buy them for the last two month and no luck.

Winnetka, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Another Great Product from Sterilite

Customer review by jellin76

5.0 stars 10/14/2016 by jellin76
by jellin76

We needed a new, sturdy shelving unit in our pantry area and after looking at cheaper versions we went with the Sterilite because we just didn't want to take a chance that the quality would be sub-par. I'm glad we spent a little more to get this unit, it's very sturdy, easy to assemble and will last for many years. As always, you pay for what you get!

Chicago suburbs
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Time, space and Life saver, anywhere you need to organize or reorganize any area of your home.! YAAAAY !!!

Customer review by Warlock King

5.0 stars 9/30/2016 by Warlock King
by Warlock King

Thank you for all your wonderful products. The 5 tier shelf is so easy to assemble. The design and material make it easily movable and space efficient, gives any room or area extra space and organization with a cool, neat look. I like all the products your company makes, but this is the one that helps the other products serve you best. Thanks again.

Warlock King
Farmersville, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Easy to assemble

Customer review by Earl

5.0 stars 10/2/2016 by Earl
by Earl

Great looking product. Easy to put together. Finally my garage is organized.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great for organizing your garage & basement

Customer review by CorkyCEL

5.0 stars 3/10/2011 by CorkyCEL
by CorkyCEL

I use the Sterilite #0155 5-Shelf Shelving Unit to organize my garage (primarily copier paper size boxes full of papers, toys, & stuff) & to organize my CD collection in my basement (using Sterilite #1704 16-Quart ClearView Storage Drawers). Assembly is easy, & getting the unit home from the store is not difficult since it is packaged in pieces (5 shelves, plus uprights). So if lifting is an issue, you can open the package & transport as little as one shelf at a time, & then assemble the unit on-site, where you intend it to reside. Using Sterilite products is economical, they look tidy & attractive, they are durable, & they make my things easy to find, access, & transport. Thanks to Sterilite for their great products & helpful Web site!

Germantown, Maryland
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The most functional, cost effective product out there

Customer review by FrequentMover

5.0 stars 11/26/2012 by FrequentMover
by FrequentMover

I move frequently and have several of these shelving units. I have tried about every kind of shelving unit out there and you cannot beat these for functionality, cost-effectiveness, durability, ease of use and all-around utility. They can be used as sold. If you need a shorter unit, just leave off one or two shelves. They can go anywhere - garage, basement, storage unit, even bedroom, kitchen or closet. I made a cover for one once so it would look a little fancier. I arranged 4 one shelf high units to serve as a base for a twin bed. I move often for work so I keep a lot of personal possessions stored in containers on these shelves. When It is time to move, grab the containers, disassemble the shelves and go. I have (more then once!) hauled them cross country in a truck assembled to protect some valuable items I did not want to risk being crushed. They made the trip without a scratch. One recommendation I do have for purchasers: if you plan on disassembling the shelving, put a little cooking oil on the support posts where they insert into the shelves above and below. This does not impair functionality but makes them much easier to disassemble when the time comes. The only improvements I can think of would be for wheels to be available and for shelving heights to somehow be adjustable but these are minor issues. I have not found any comparable product at any price that beats these shelves.

Arlington, Virginia
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The two 5 drawer tubuler storage shelves I've had for years are still strong and durable

Customer review by arizbill

4.0 stars 4/15/2014 by arizbill
by arizbill

But almost all of your various sized shelving drawer cabinets have places in my bedroom/office and storage rooms which I've accumulated over the last 21 years since I was first widowed. They have helped me much to have some semblance of organization in my home.. But being an information junkie I find that I am constantly adding more units. Now 87 I'm wondering how many more I'll need by the time I reach 99 which my current health and family genes tell me is a good possibility. But the need for more goes on and on. It looks like your 7 drawer plastic unit is the next to be added. .

Oro Valley, Arizona
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
this product is very durable and economical

Customer review by Char

5.0 stars 1/21/2016 by Char
by Char

I truly recommend this product, it is versatile and durable and can be used in your garage, laundry room, shed, utility room or as a closet organizer. This product is in our garage and this product can handle several tools, boxes, and more. It is economical and easy to assemble. This is a must have product. It organizes your items so you can see them easily and find them.

Reading Station, Pennsylvania
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A tried and true favorite, but with one flaw

Customer review by Pinballwzrdz

4.0 stars 1/21/2014 by Pinballwzrdz
by Pinballwzrdz

I use these shelves in the basement and have about 30 of them. They help us organize toys, educational materials, art supplies, books, and more. My one issue is that they aren't able to hold the 66qt storage tubs that I also use to hold many items. Instead I have to stack them and if I want the one on the bottom I have to u stack the whole lot of them. I would like to use these shelves for the tubs. Despite this, I love the shelves and figure out how to make them work for as many things as possible. They hold paper ream boxes really well.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
durability plus!!!

Customer review by Wide drawer storage

5.0 stars 1/25/2016 by Wide drawer storage
by Wide drawer storage

When I first moved in my home 12 years ago, I soon noticed the lack of storage space it had. But, with this 5 shelf storage unit, all my storage needs for paint and home improvement supplies have been met. It fits snugly in the only storage closet in my basement and everything from paint cans to brushes to covers are beautifully organized.

Wide drawer storage
Wash, Pennsylvania
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
i love this brand

Customer review by amber

5.0 stars 2/26/2014 by amber
by amber

i purchased this shelf to help organize my basement. it was very useful and for the right price. i want to go out and buy more shelves so i can be 100% organized. i am a stay-at-home mother to two boys and i am on a budget. sterilite is a good/durable brand that is priced well for the product. i would recoment this to any one who wants to get organized and save money at the same time. they have so many storage/organizational options that it makes it so easy to find what you need.

Bay View, Ohio
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This shelf is a great product

Customer review by craftyone

5.0 stars 1/27/2016 by craftyone
by craftyone

This shelf works great for my crafts it's sturdy and fits in my closet.

Cookville, Texas
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Very useful

Customer review by Tko

4.0 stars 8/7/2015 by Tko
by Tko

This product has so many uses. I use it at my home to help organize my basement. I have my holiday items organized on them and another one for board games, crafts, birthday party items. Then in my classroom I have one in an area that organizes my material I need to quickly grab "on the go". It makes my classroom run much smoother.

Townsend, Massachusetts
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Made My Life Easier!

Customer review by zx2mom

5.0 stars 1/10/2014 by zx2mom
by zx2mom

I have 5 of these shelving units in my cold, damp basement. They're about 4 years old and loaded to the max, but show no signs of strain or buckling (a problem I've had with other brands). I appreciate the fact that they're ventilated, because the room is damp; but I also use several Sterilite storage containers to hold the items that are more vulnerable to mold & mildew. They fit perfectly!

Townsend, Massachusetts
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
the shelves are sinking in the middle on three units.I own about14 units

Customer review by nascardoug

4.0 stars 8/10/2013 by nascardoug
by nascardoug

I have about 14 five shelf units they are very GOOD, But I have just notices that three my middle of the shelf SAGES and two of my legs are crack too . But I will buy them again I really like them and told my friends HOW GOOD they are!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nascar in the tub for my shows that do5 times a year. they did not weight that much! I would give the unit 4.5 STARS. NASCARDOUG

Davison, Michigan
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
great durability

Customer review by Jackee

5.0 stars 6/23/2014 by Jackee
by Jackee

We have these in our garage and I love them for extra store space for canned goods and large pots and pan. I love that fact that you can remove a shelf or two to fit the space you need. We have had our shelving units over 5 year with no problems. Plus a whole lot easier to move than metal shelving that bends and rusts.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This is a sturdy storage shelf!

Customer review by cdjocoy

5.0 stars 8/10/2013 by cdjocoy
by cdjocoy

I have two of these shelves in the garage. I store miscellaneous items on them. I have one in the garage and the other is in the laundry room where mostly cleaning products are stored. They hold many pounds per shelf and i would continue to buy these shelves in the future when I may need more. Best deal for the money!!

Conyers, Georgia
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
These shelves are the answer to so many storage issues!

Customer review by Amemoose

5.0 stars 8/15/2013 by Amemoose
by Amemoose

We have about 15 Sterilite shelving units, and use them for everything - garage, basement, pantry; I even plan to use one to make a dollhouse for my daughter's 18" dolls! Sterilite shelves are sturdy & reliable #otherwise, there's no way I'd use one in my 8 year old's room#, and they're so easy to keep clean!

Saint Davids, Pennsylvania
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
great product would buy again

Customer review by blackbeard

5.0 stars 6/25/2014 by blackbeard
by blackbeard

these units are well constructed and easy to assemble. they hold alot of items and heavy items are not a problem as long as the 150 pound rule is obeyed. after purchasing 2 of these units and liking them i purchased 5 more. in the near future i will purchase more of these as they fit the bill perfectly.

Washington, North Carolina
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
works great

Customer review by karebear13

5.0 stars 9/6/2013 by karebear13
by karebear13

I use these in the garage for things from paper towels, trash bags, odd kitchen items that take up too much room in kitchen cabinets, and lots more. They hold up well and the middle of the racks dont cave in. Thanks for making such a great product to help me organize!

Orange Park, Florida
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 785 total reviews
1-20 of 785 reviews