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38 reviews | 4.9 out of 5

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38 reviews | 4.9 out of 5

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1-20 of 38 total reviews
1-20 of 38 reviews
one of the best dog chews around!!!

Customer review by Blackwolf07

5.0 stars 5/18/2008 by Blackwolf07
by Blackwolf07

My better half has a Cockapoo mix that can be a real terror when it comes to chewing on things he isn't supposed to, so I picked up a Dingo chew last weekend, and lo and behold, Zeak forgot all about shoes, papers and hats-the bone was gone in 3 days, and I went back to the local Walmart for more. If you are looking for something that will occupy a chew monster for hours, get one of the Dingo Meat in the Middle chews!!!

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Better than real beef soup bones!

Customer review by TrainedOwner

5.0 stars 6/30/2010 by TrainedOwner
by TrainedOwner

Okay, I am an obnoxious dog mom. Only the best for my baby. Our kids don't get the royal treatment our dog does! Wyatt is a big lab/retriever mix that we rescued five years ago and he has become the love of our life. We even have medical insurance for him because we'd mortgage everything to take care of him. Before I found dingo, I would buy soup bones, boil them with spices and store them in the frig for plain old bones for him! Then we found dingo, and he prefers them to real beef soup bones!

Phoenix, AZ
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Long enough lasting to get house clean!

Customer review by grammieb9910

5.0 stars 12/7/2010 by grammieb9910
by grammieb9910

My "baby" is a 110lb pit bull who saves my life on a daily basis. I suffer with arthritis in my back and shoulders along with some other issues that would make laying in bed alot easier than getting up. Every morning I wake up to a gentle touch on my nose with his nose and ten comes the dance that is a sign to get up and get breakfast going, I am sure just because I am on this that when I say He is MY World it is agreed about 100% Thanks! ObiieJoes Mom aka

Rochester, NY
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Customer review by jazzy

5.0 stars 1/5/2016 by jazzy
by jazzy

My dog loved this the moment I gave it to her. she was content for awhile by playing with it then she ate and was looking for another one.

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My dogs favorite

Customer review by Zenasmom

5.0 stars 4/1/2011 by Zenasmom
by Zenasmom

I adopted my dog a couple weeks ago from a local rescue, so I wasn't sure about what products she'd like or were best for her. I picked up a Dingo Rawhide bone the other day, and she loves it! She now turns up her nose at any other treat and does a happy dance in the kitchen when I get the Dingo package out. Great consumer satisfaction LOL!

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My two babies love the meat filling

Customer review by pookie

5.0 stars 1/5/2011 by pookie
by pookie

I have two small shih tzu's and they just love the meat inside so every morning I have to soak the bones to get the filling out and they have fun playing when they are eating them. They also like to hide big pieces so they can eat them later and the other one won't find it and eat it.

franklin, ga
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My Scottie loves these!

Customer review by medgirl

5.0 stars 6/5/2010 by medgirl
by medgirl

My new Scottish Terrier puppy loves these. The great thing about them is that they really last him a long time. I've bought other supposedly long lasting nylabones or dental bones, but he eats them right up. He love these and it's fun for him to try to get to the meaty middle

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Customer review by dingolover

5.0 stars 1/22/2010 by dingolover
by dingolover

We decided to try dingos, as our dog would not finish his bones completely. Now, not only does he finish the bone, but he will not eat any other kind! We took him into the pet store to purchase some of his bones and he started to beg for them right in the check-out line!

Lloydminster, AB
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Customer review by DGYLVR

5.0 stars 3/20/2013 by DGYLVR

These never go to waste. I've tried cheaper bones and it's a waste of money. The other brands smell bad, the dogs don't finish them, and when I say DINGO, they KNOW WHAT they are going to get and they RUN to the closet door where we keep them. They always finish them!.

Cedar Grove, WI
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Great product

Customer review by Songbird

5.0 stars 2/29/2012 by Songbird
by Songbird

When one of my dogs was diagnosed with diabetes, it was difficult for me to find a treat approved by the vet and also affordable. This Dingo treat was the perfect answer and my dogs love it...consequently I am buying them direct and by the case....thank you Dingo!

Valley Center, Ca
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Tie Bones are Supper Yummy!

Customer review by Spike

4.0 stars 1/22/2010 by Spike
by Spike

Hi this is Spike! I really like these medium sized bones. They are really nice and crunchy to start with which i like, but then get soft after a few minutes for a good chewing session. Oh and i love the red filling Yummy! wish there was more in there :)

New York, NY
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Dog's go crazy

Customer review by bestlabs

5.0 stars 4/28/2011 by bestlabs
by bestlabs

My extremely well mannered lab's forgetall their manners when they hear me opening oneof the packages. They go crazy, fantastic product, I order them by the case. You can't find them anywhere for less, I've tried! WELL worth the cost though

Lewiston, Idaho
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my boygs go crazy

Customer review by zapper

5.0 stars 3/29/2015 by zapper
by zapper

my dogs love these. i normly get the dental ones from fortinos. i would like to buy in bulk

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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Puppy chewing

Customer review by Lucille

4.0 stars 4/22/2013 by Lucille
by Lucille

Our puppy Lucille chewed everything when she was young. We have her a mini Dingo daily and it stopped. Now she is almost 9 and has a medium Dingo a day. She's happy and the Vet is surprised by how clean her teeth are.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The Best Dog Bones on the Planet

Customer review by Scout1

5.0 stars 9/15/2011 by Scout1
by Scout1

I tried numerous other rawhide bones which my dog "pu,pued", then I found Dingo. OMG! She loves these bones and won't chew on anything but Dingos. So my little Bagelhound, Scout, now only gets the best and it's Dingo!

Buffalo, NY
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Best bones ever

Customer review by wonderful2

5.0 stars 2/23/2011 by wonderful2
by wonderful2

Dingo Rawhide Bones are the best bones on the market. The chicken strips placed in bones throughtout make for a delious bite. Dogs will chew these bones with enthusiasm, and are completely satisfied when finished.

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Dingo Original Rawhide Bone Medium Size

Customer review by curlysue2

5.0 stars 9/20/2012 by curlysue2
by curlysue2

These are the only chew bones my 8 dogs will chew. I have tried other brands and they may chew a few minutes but then they are left in the yard for me to pick up with all the other items at the end of the week.

Edgewood, New Mexico
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Cockapoo loves Dingo

Customer review by klinklater

5.0 stars 3/15/2011 by klinklater
by klinklater

My cockapoo loves the Dingos that I just bought. We usually have "knot ends" laying all over because he cannot chew them. He has very little problem chewing the Dingo knots and is gnawing on one as I type.

Santa Ana, CA
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My Boxer's Love them

Customer review by Pearlboxer1

5.0 stars 1/28/2011 by Pearlboxer1
by Pearlboxer1

I'm actually watching my two boxers eat their medium dingo bones right now, its very entertaining. This is a great product and I wouldn't recommend any other bone. Thank you Dalton and Dakota

Oronoco, MN
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Best Sample Ever

Customer review by Bree

5.0 stars 1/21/2010 by Bree
by Bree

Got these samples for Jake (boxer) He loves them.Jake is my neighbor's dog but I give him treats. This was the first Dingo product we tried and we are very Happy now. Thanks , Bree and Jake

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1-20 of 38 total reviews
1-20 of 38 reviews