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1713 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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1713 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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1-20 of 1522 reviews
Finally doing it right, after 2 years!

Customer review by BlushingMommy

5.0 stars 7/3/2012 by BlushingMommy
by BlushingMommy

A few days ago I would have given my steam mop a 4 out of 5 stars. I love it, am always amazed at what it can power through, and it makes me feel like my floors are truly clean. However, I was always left with my floors soaking wet. For me that was annoying, but a small price to pay. Today I started looking for some tips on using my steam mop on my new tile floors, and figured out that I've been using it wrong all along! I always have the trigger depressed because I assumed (you know what happens when you assume?) a steady stream of steam was needed to really clean the floors, but apparently not! Today I'm mopping again, and looking forward to my floors drying much faster! Also, wanted to say 2 more things, I've had my mop for 2 years and it still works as good as the day I opened the package! And, if your dryer is like mine and eats things occasionally, you can get new replacement pads at Lowe's. I found them online, but much prefer to get them in hand so I don't pay shipping.

Cullman, AL
I fixed the leak...

Customer review by maggiemayi

4.0 stars 8/28/2012 by maggiemayi
by maggiemayi

I've owned a similar Bissel steam mop for about 6 months. At first it worked very well, and I was pleased with the results. However, it started leaking between the water tank and the filter. Today, I had to wait between doing my bathroom and kitchen floors, and when I was ready to go again, ALL of the water had leaked out. I added water to the tank and made sure the cap was closed tight and correctly seated, but the water just ran right out. I googled the problem and found a lot of advice to replace the o-ring, gasket, etc. But mine is fairly new and not cracked or anything. So I investigated and realized the clear tube in the water tank was putting pressure on the gasket. When I removed the clear tube and screwed everything together, viola, no leak. Reasoning that the tube was there for some function, I didn't want to just leave it out, so I trimmed it a little, reassembled, and tested. NO LEAKS! I'm thrilled because otherwise this is a great product. It does a great job cleaning hard floors. I like that I can use plain water and still be killing germs.

New Jersey
Hello again, Bissell

Customer review by Sharon

4.0 stars 6/18/2013 by Sharon
by Sharon

I originally owned the Bissell steam mop for three years, then a friend heard me complain about wishing the head of the steamer was larger, like the S_ _ _ K steamer. So, I gave my daughter my Bissell and bought the other brand steamer/vacuum combo. I had it about 18 months and it totally died! It got hot but never created steam with no apparent reason. I said to myself, the Bissell never did that and my daughter is STILL using it! I ordered another Bissell online and it was the best thing I did. The smaller head on the Bissell may take a few extra "swipes" to finish the floor, but at least it does the job. Bissell may be smaller but it so much mightier (sp?). The one I gave to my daughter is almost six years old and runs like it did new! I gave a 4 Star rating only because I would like a larger pad area like the competitor. Otherwise, it would have definitely received a 5 star rating from me!

Bissel Fresh Step Stopped Working after 6 mos

Customer review by gerard

1.0 stars 10/18/2016 by gerard
by gerard

Worked okay at the start but then just stopped making steam. Great idea to maintain wood floors but I had the wrong cleaner.

Westchester County
It used to work wonderfully....

Customer review by MissMine

3.0 stars 4/15/2012 by MissMine
by MissMine

I bought mine about three years ago. It worked like a dream until suddenly, it didn't anymore. Apparently, there is a clog in the line somewhere. I bought a new filter and changed it, thinking it would help. So far, no good. It also makes the same grinding noise as another poster said their's did, because of the clog. It get's hot like it should, it just isn't pushing steam. And it's driving me nuts because I want it to work so badly. If anyone out there has any tips on how to fix the issue, I would surely appreciate it. Like I said, it was fantastic (I've got 6 kids, including 4 teens, a preschooler, and a toddler....can you say sticky messes???). I used it 3x's a day, everyday, because it was so quick at cleaning. This thing cut thru bubble gum and Sharpie marker on linoleum. If I can't fix the issue I'm having, I'll have to replace it. I miss it : (

Comment from Joe - 4/30/2012

If you are experiencing a lack of steam or it is reduced, the nozzle may be blocked. To remedy, unplug the unit, remove the swivel head from the lower body and pour vinegar through the center tube of the swivel head “neck”. Clear the nozzle by inserting a paper clip into the brass spray tip located in the bottom of the lower body. Also, to ensure optimum performance you should use distilled or demineralized water and change the filter when needed. Change the filter when the bright green grains turn blue. If the filter is not changed at the appropriate time, calcium deposits will accumulate on the heating element, causing damage or reduced performance.

Comment from Joe - 4/30/2012

Hunu, thanks for the input but for your information you absolutely should NOT use vinegar in this unit, it will ruin the internal components and void your warranty. I would hate to have any ruin their unit.


Customer review by Disappointed

1.0 stars 7/15/2013 by Disappointed
by Disappointed

This steam mop seemed to work well at the beginning. It failed to continue working after approx. a year. The holes where the steam comes out on the bottom are only on a section. the whole pad doesn't give out steam. Also, one has to be pressing the on button so the steam comes out. This thing doesn't have an on/off button. this is not convenient as your fingers hurt after a while. The pads are not evenly thick but only half way and this makes them to wear out and tear easily. When I bought this steamer it came with an offer of a years supply of pads which I never got. With work, kids and all I never sat down to write a review. Now after a couple of years with more time in my hands I need to catch up to help others in not getting this item. I know there are other options that are better than this one. Thanks.

Houston, TX, USA

Customer review by Fancynance

4.0 stars 12/4/2013 by Fancynance
by Fancynance

I bought this a few years ago and have used it often since then. It is a slightly older model but it is the same design. It releases lots of steam and cleans my floors way better than with a mop/bucket. Also I have a cat and not having to use floor cleaners not only saves me money, but it's better for my pet as well. takes no time at all. I only gave a 4/5 because the mop pads are difficult to get on. I think the sides should be a bit stretchier and longer on the pads so that it wraps around the entire head. It takes me almost as much time to get the cloth on as it does to clean my living room. I also think they should give you more than 2 mop heads, but that's just my opinion.

Welland, ON
I love this steam mop!

Customer review by Priscilla

5.0 stars 3/4/2015 by Priscilla
by Priscilla

I bought my 1867-7 Steam Mop in 2008 or 2009. While It may have not gotten terribly hard use, it still keeps going without fail or any problems whatsoever. As long as I can keep getting filters and mop pads, it will remain in service. We just moved from a house hard floors only in 2 bathrooms and the kitchen. Now we are living in a house with 2,000 sq ft of polished concrete floors. This little machine is going to get a real work-out! I had to order new mop pads that just came today -HURRAH- as the ones that I was using are still packed somewhere! We have also switched from city water to well water, so I will be very diligent about using distilled water.

Weatherford, Texas
Unusual odor

Customer review by 800prov

2.0 stars 5/20/2013 by 800prov
by 800prov

My mop has an unusual "fishy" odor when in use. It didn't do that when we first bought it and we do wash the mop pads after every use. I don't know where the smell is coming from. It smells everytime we use it, but the odor goes away immediately after using it. My wife can smell it from across the room and it drives her crazy, considering we are "cleaning". It's not the smell you want or expect. Bissell, Any idea why this occurs? Also, our cap and insert assembly that creates the seal with the water tank cracked very early on. It leaks water when in use as a result, but I finally decided to replace the assembly because it no longer provides any seal whatsoever.

Comment from Lisa - 5/22/2013

Thank you for your review. Perhaps a new filter is needed or mop pads; to order, click at this link:

screw loose? Bissell steam mop 1867

Customer review by Pat

5.0 stars 9/2/2012 by Pat
by Pat

I have had my Bissell steam mop cleaner (model 1867) for years and love it. I don't use it all the time but I recently moved and started it up and steam came out the side (side opposite the electric chord) instead of out the bottom. Have I lost a screw on the right side? There is a hole but I am not sure if it has always been there or whether a screw fell out. It is probably time for me to change the filter but I need to know if I need a new screw. I've looked at all the pictures and not one of them show that angle. There is also no blow-up diagram of the mop I can find. Could you please let me know the answer and where to find the info. thanks.

Comment from Joe - 10/4/2012

Pat, that hole is a pressure relief valve. Here is a helpful tip to get your machine working again: Hopefully, you didn't wait to long to replace the filter. You can purchase one at

San Jose, CA, USA
Leaks water, not good on laminate flooring

Customer review by Carfunk

2.0 stars 6/21/2013 by Carfunk
by Carfunk

My mom has this mop and loves it. I did a lot of research before buying one and was a little worried about the many reviews I saw on this site and others saying it leaked. My mom never had that problem so I went with her recommendation. I kept in mind the advice that customer service gave others and was determined not to have excessive water or leakage with mine. I bought distilled water even though it has a filter, I always emptied the water tank after use, I used the trigger sparingly, etc. After only a few uses water began to leak from the bottom of the filter. Very disappointing! I still use this mop but I have this problem most of the time. My filter finally needs to be changed... the crystals turn blue to indicate this... and I'm hoping a new filter may help. I refused to buy a new one when the one that came with it was hardly used even though that seemed to be the recommendation for this particular problem. Just doesn't make sense to me. Also, oddly enough another reviewer said theirs smells fishy and I also have experienced a similar strange odor with mine. That doesn't bother me a lot but it may bother others. We just moved into a new house with laminate flooring and while this does a pretty good job on tile, it leaves laminate flooring very streaky. This has been my only steam mop so I'm not sure if they all do it but I know that this particular model does.

Comment from Lisa - 6/25/2013

Thanks for your feedback. A new filter should help with the odor and leak. You can order at this link: Spraying steam for too long in one area can cause streaks. They can be removed by wiping them with a dry white cloth and vinegar. We hope this helps you out.

Phoenix, AZ, USA
Steam Mop

Customer review by Cin

5.0 stars 12/16/2013 by Cin
by Cin

I absolutely love this steam mop. It works extremely well. I ordered one for my daughter as a gift. However, I was disappointed in the shipping. I was supposed to arrive by Dec. 9th, I called on the 10th and it still had not shipped. Customer service took my phone number and said they would call me back. They never did. It is now the 16th and it still has not arrived. I am sure it will get here eventually, and my daughter will be excited as she really wanted one....but I'm just disappointed in the shipping and customer service.

Comment from Joe - 1/13/2014

Hi Cin, I'm so sorry you didn't recieve a call on the delay in this shipping. It looks like it arrived, so let us know if we can help you with anything else. Thanks.

El Cajon, CA, USA
Emotionally Draining Experience

Customer review by Char

1.0 stars 9/3/2013 by Char
by Char

I was quite excited at first,than after I carefully put it together and followed all instructions, water started pouring out back of it I_ran to get hubby thinking I did something wrong,but not this time, my, husband saidthe resurvoir was defective. So 0K things happen! The I go to send it back and Fedex tells me Bissel canceled it's return code they provided, so,again,0K things happen! I sent email. And guess what? Absolutely no response, so I will be returning it at my expense and I will never buy a Bissel again!

Comment from Joe - 9/6/2013

Sorry Char, we did send you an email response the next day. Please check your junk/spam folder for our response to see how we can help. Thanks.

Hesp Calif
Total Trash

Customer review by TomT

1.0 stars 10/4/2015 by TomT
by TomT

Never worked from the first day. Haven't touched it in 2 yrs. thought I'd tri it out today and it produces NO STEAM. Thought about changing the Filter Media, but as soon as touched the clear plastic housing holding the media, it started to break up. Total failure. Bet they don't post this on their website. Gave it One Star, because it required something in that field, or I could not go on. Negative Stars would be nice.

Love my steam mop, Deep Clean, SpotBot, and ProHeat

Customer review by BB and Tisha's mom

4.0 stars 9/23/2013 by BB and Tisha's mom
by BB and Tisha's mom

I found mine at a thrift store, sorry for not buying new but I'm on a tight budget. I figured for the price if it didn't work who cares 'cause I see it as a donation to the company selling it. The reason why I'm posting this is to say after having it for over a year and it was clearly used awhile prior to my purchasing it. It works like a champ. My roommate who is hard on everything and breaks stuff uses it and my floors are always clean and bright and no streaks. Thought he did break my Bissell Pro Heat carpet cleaner which is over 10 years old. I will be taking that to the repair shop and having it fixed to give it to my mom. I also LOVE my SpotBot which I found at the same thrift store. I cannot understand why people give these away. I have terribly cheap carpet in my apartment and it mats the only thing that brings it back up is the Carpet cleaning machines I've listed. The SpotBot is a life saver when my ProHeat died we used it for a month before settling on this DeepClean Premier Pet Deep Cleaner. With 2 cats and one who has been know to go outside the litter box and both will have a hair ball issue once in awhile. You have to have all of these machines in your home in my opinion. I was in a department store and they tried to sell me a competitor but when they told me it's brushes are rotating like a washer all I could think of well 6 brushes can break easier than 1 or two. How will I get the lift from brushes rotate in circles and not brush the carpet like Bissell does.

BB and Tisha's mom
Boothwyn, PA, USA
Second one I purchased

Customer review by Crystal

5.0 stars 11/4/2013 by Crystal
by Crystal

I bought this years ago loaned it to my daughter and never saw it again. Loved the way it cleaned without chemicals, floor dried in seconds and obviously removed all the dirt. Only wish they mentioned on the literature that it makes a loud clicking first time you use it. It from the pump pulling water into the system. It's really sturdy not like the other ones on the market. Great if you have a pet and don't want them exposed to chemicals. Mine has allergies and this is safe to use.

Comment from Lisa - 11/6/2013

Thank you for your review. The clicking noise is normal, and once you spray and the filter is wet it will go away.

Sarasota, FL, USA
Leaks and leaves puddles

Customer review by Melissa33q

1.0 stars 9/9/2013 by Melissa33q
by Melissa33q

I bought this as a gift for my mom last year. I just asked her how it was and found out it leaked from day 1 and left puddles on her floor. What is the point of using this to mop floor, when you have to go over it again and remove the water. It is also leaking from between the tank and filter. I checked gasket and seal of tank and it is fine. Sad I wasted $70 on this and I will never buy a Bissell or recommend to anyone ever again. Please don't waste your money on this machine.

Keene, Nh
Hot Item

Customer review by Cheri13021

5.0 stars 8/25/2015 by Cheri13021
by Cheri13021

Finally got the time to use my "first ever" steam mop. The steam was super hot so I know that my floors were cleaner than using a regular mop and bucket. I also love the fact that there are no harsh chemicals on the floor since I have a cat. Deep clean, wow! The floor was dry immediately. I will recommend this product to all my friends and family. Light weight also. So glad I purchased this product.

Auburn, NY, USA
Good Mop, lousy water bottle

Customer review by imsted

2.0 stars 11/14/2014 by imsted
by imsted

I was happy with the mop when it functioned properly. The water bottle cap malfunctioned after several months and will no longer hold water when hooking it up to the filter. I purchased two mops and it happened on both units. Also, when I tried to purchase a replacement water bottle and cap, the website states they are no longer available so I am throwing away two perfectly good mops because I cannot purchase a functioning water bottle and cap.

Comment from Lisa - 11/20/2014

Thanks for your review. No worries, all the parts are available for your machine. We would like to help you. Please see this link:

the worst.

Customer review by zoeys mom

1.0 stars 6/3/2012 by zoeys mom
by zoeys mom

I bought this steam mop from t.v. it never steamed. and all it did was leave lots of water. I didn't use it in time or I would have returned it.I love all my other Bissill products. I don't understand why you have to keep the trigger on at all times,that just leaves water but no steam.If you can tell me what to do i'll try I said I only use Bissill products,and am very pleased with everything but this.I want buy from t.v. again.

Comment from Joe - 6/6/2012

The ‘steam on demand’ trigger does not need to be held the whole time, as this may be causing the oversaturation and excess water on the floor. Try intermittently depressing the trigger. This should help.

zoeys mom
1-20 of 1522 total reviews
1-20 of 1522 reviews