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583 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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583 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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1-20 of 575 reviews
I have blue carpet!!!

Customer review by Kate61

5.0 stars 3/16/2012 by Kate61
by Kate61

I just bought a Pet Spotbot. Gosh, I wish I had done it 5 years ago when I moved into this house. I have a large carpet cleaner that I use a few times a year. However, my beloved lab is getting old and has started vomiting on the carpet during the night. It was getting old cleaning it up in the morning and then seeing the stains that remained. So, we bought one today, and it worked SUPER. Then I used it on other places where he takes naps and the carpet had gradually gotten grayish and cleaning didn't seem to work. Now I have 7 beautiful blue carpet spots. I will clean more again tomorrow. I didn't want to overheat my spotbot. I figure I can do a half dozen spots every day and eventually I will have the beautiful blue carpet that was here when we moved in. I thought $149 was a bit pricey, but the machine works to well, I'm not complaining at old. I'm 61 years old and it's nice not having to get down on my knees to clean those spots. Now , I have to give my Pet Spotbot a cute name.

Troutville, VA
Bissell Came Through - Thank You!

Customer review by Cookie

5.0 stars 3/5/2015 by Cookie
by Cookie

The multiple urine stains from my dear dog were over a year old after having tried every remedy known to man. The stains were set in to white wool carpeting, and the back of white chenille upholstered chairs. I was tired of having my heart sink and feeling angry at my dog, so I bought my SpotBot. The chairs are like new and my eyes no longer get pulled down to a big yellow stain when I walk into my bedroom. The hose and brush lend themselves to many kinds of stains on furniture. I highly recommend using the Oxygen Boost if you are dealing with old stains. It would be unfair to ask the SpotBot to take care of bile stains from vomit that have set in over months. I tried, but it is an unreasonable expectation. I have no doubt that my SpotBot will clean new stains perfectly. If the machine looks confusing at first, it's not. It is so well engineered and designed that once again I am left loving Bissell and their products. (And thank you Bissell for contributing to animal welfare).

Katonah, NY, USA

Customer review by ERnurse

5.0 stars 4/11/2012 by ERnurse
by ERnurse

Woke up this morning to a smell... not a good one. Walked out of our bedroom to find our 9 month old puppy who is potty trained looking very sad. She had very severe diarrhea and instead of staying put and going on our tile floor in the kitchen (which was spotless-of course) She ran through our dinning room, family room and office throughout the escapade.... needless to say it was a disaster. I scrubbed for over an hour, some of the stains were over a foot long and several inches wide, dark. I gave up, looked up a spot cleaner with good reviews and settled on this. After the first spot was cleaned, I just about fell over. My cream coloured carpet looked PERFECT... I proceeded to use it over the rest of the house. Then was inspired and tried an old stain that had been there since we moved in. I used this thing over 30 times today - 29 for the aforementioned escapade and once for the old stain. It worked perfectly on everything. Not only that but it smells so much better. THANK YOU BISSELL!!!!

Seattle, WA, USA
I can't believe my eyes

Customer review by zacpalmer

5.0 stars 3/15/2015 by zacpalmer
by zacpalmer

We discovered after using a black light that our dog had peed in multiple places in our bedroom. We set out to find a really good pet stain remover. We've literally tried them all - included the "secret formula types" Some cleaners would remove the smell, but with the black light you can still tell the stain is there. Even professional cleaners couldn't get the stain to disappear under a black light To be honest, when we bought the SpotBot I thought it would be another gimmicky spot cleaner - just like the rest. To my surprise, not only did the spotbot do a good job removing dirt and stains - you cant find them under a black light. To be fair - maybe its the chemicals more than the cleaner (we used Oxy Pro with the pet stain remover formula) Either way my wife and I are happy. We were going to completely remove and replace the carpet. Eventually we will remove the carpet - but at least this saves us some time. I'd recommend picking this up - trying it out on your type of carpet. Well worth it.

Olympia, WA, USA
Life Saver!!!

Customer review by dlfnlvr928

5.0 stars 1/24/2015 by dlfnlvr928
by dlfnlvr928

This carpet cleaner is AMAZING! It has revolutionized my world as a cat owner! Cats throw up hairballs, and with that often comes food. I've spent umpteen hours on the floor with various spray cleaners and paper towels trying to blot up stains. It never worked! And then I adopted a cat that sometimes has accidents on the carpet instead of in his always-clean litter box! I guess that could be a reason why he was given up. Not to worry!! My baby's accidents are no match for my Spotbot Pet! Just be sure to vacuum first real good, even over the dried area. It is not a vacuum cleaner. And be sure to use the hose afterwards because it gets up loose deposits on the surface of the carpet. But none of it takes hardly any time at all to do. I can have an area perfectly cleaned and the cleaner put away in less than 15 minutes. I've been using it weekly for probably 6 months. I can't live without it! If or when my SpotBot stops working, I will promptly buy another one!!!

Coppell, TX, USA
Worked great, for two years

Customer review by casadelynch

2.0 stars 8/19/2013 by casadelynch
by casadelynch

We bought this after getting a new puppy, and after reading all of the stellar reviews. This product would've gotten five stars from me had I written this review six months ago. Now though, there is little-to-no suction and hardly any cleaner is dispensed during the auto cycles, and the sprayer in the manual use just spits out a sad little dribble. Over the past several months I've done all the checks and all the troubleshooting...the cleaning, the latching, making sure everything is connected, etc. As a matter of fact, I spent 2 hours today giving the darn thing one more final inspection before finally admitting defeat and writing this review. Basically, the unit is useless to us unless we use the manual hose for sucking up another cleaning product...which we've been doing lately. Sad we couldn't have gotten more mileage out of this given the price tag, but these days I suppose you can't expect anything to last more than a couple of years.

Comment from Lisa - 8/21/2013

Thank for your review; we are sorry for the trouble with your Spotbot. You do have a one year warranty. Please check out the link for a BISSELL service center location.

Allen, TX, USA

Customer review by Vacuumboy4321

3.0 stars 7/30/2013 by Vacuumboy4321
by Vacuumboy4321

This machine does remove spots, but not as easy as it claims. You have to fill it up and empty all the time. You basically have to use the hose for all the cleaning. There is not a rinse cycle so you then have to go back and manually rinse. This machine also leaves the area it is cleaning pretty wet, so you have to go back over it manually with the hose. I have normal dirt stains in my carpet from heavy traffic. It doesn't get them completely out. The spot bot also occasionally will make my stains worse by spreading them out to the diameter of the area it cleans or it leaves rings on my carpet. After only a few months the hose has a random rip! What? When you take the hose off it is very stiff and hard to use. It can't twist and it has bent to the position that it is when it's around the machine. The hole is in one of those bends. I guess I'll have to get in touch with bissell and get it fixed... I love bissell products but not this one. Stick with the upright carpet washers. Don't waste your time with these little spot cleaners.

Comment from Lisa - 8/2/2013

Thank you for your review. For warranty replacement of your hose, please click at this link to find a local BISSELL Service Center: We have a FAQ section with your machine, if you have any other concerns, please check out this link.

This was my best friend the past three years

Customer review by Piddly Puppy Momma

5.0 stars 9/29/2014 by Piddly Puppy Momma
by Piddly Puppy Momma

I had one well trained dog when my fiance passed away suddenly six months ago. I acquired his two dogs, who were used to going outside at will. Needless to say we had some accidents but it was nothing to get rattled about as I had my SpotBot. I used it at minimum several times a week ever since, sometimes daily in spite of my efforts. Just this week it began to sound a little strained, but considering the THOUSANDS of times I have used it in three years I am going to let the poor thing go. I liked mine so well I bought my daughter and son in law one for Christmas two years ago and they also raved about how well it worked. In fact, they had just had their carpets cleaned when their son made a few spills, so they hauled out Spot. Daughter called me laughing as they then had a polka dot carpet, it cleaned so well! But that's another story. Anyway, I loved my SpotBot. I can't wait to get it replaced as these rascally dogs are still with me!

Piddly Puppy Momma
Denver, CO, USA
Spotbot is awesome on pet "mistakes"

Customer review by Jack2King

4.0 stars 5/13/2013 by Jack2King
by Jack2King

Have owned the spotbot now for about 1 month. Sneaky little pets frequently hide their sins, but I have been on the hunt for their treasures. Mostly it is muddy feet, but have uncovered a few mistakes. The spotbot has been a lifesaver. It has successfully removed stains and odors associated with the sneaky pets. The best feature is the set it and go. For hose operation, the water vacuum seems to be quite powerful and effective. The operation is very quiet compared to a normal cleaner, but effective enough to scare a nosy dog away. As with other reviewers, I have noted some leakage if you leave the machine sitting around with water still in the tank. Also, if you toss the hose around, you are gonna get some leakage as well. The bigger problem I think is with the user as opposed to the machine. A little better housekeeping on my part, resolved the issue of leakage. Good product, much more easier and effective than other compact cleaners.

If You Have Pets with Fur, You Need This Machine

Customer review by Kat

5.0 stars 8/1/2015 by Kat
by Kat

My son and I purchased a Bissel Spot Bot the first year it came out (back when dinosaurs still walked the Earth). We have six cats, but have had more, up to 13, and we've used this machine HUNDREDS of times if not more. There hasn't been a stain it couldn't take out, including dried on pet stains, even the time I dripped white paint while painting the trim around the doors onto my brand new carpet. It took three run-throughs, but that paint came out! Well, today that wonderful, hard-working machine finally gave up the ghost. Not to worry, because we have two more Spot Bots in the closet. My son thought that because we liked them so much, they would be discontinued, much like treasured restaurants that close and TV shows that go off the air with record high ratings...he purchased me two more that we've kept all this time. Today I brought one out. Bissel, I am so grateful for this machine. Good job on a great product!

Los Angeles County
Nice machine, eases life little messes

Customer review by Jay

4.0 stars 3/16/2013 by Jay
by Jay

I have a dog that is great, he seldom makes any type of mess, but there are those times when he is stuck inside too long. For those times when I need to clean after him, this is a nice machine for easing my life and cleaning the mess. The machine is perfect for the little bit of carpeting that I have to spot clean. It stores easily, is almost idiot proof and does a decent job of cleaning. I did have a couple of spots in the caperting in the spare room that I have not been able to remove with this machine. Yes I did pretreat and used the oxygenated cleaner to help, but just too set-in. I love the set and forget approach to the system. I fill the water tank with cleaner and water, set it over the spot, press the proper button and walk away. It will beep to let you know it is done, that is if you don't notice the motor is no longer running. I forgot to mention the water tank is pre-marked telling you how much water adn cleaner to add, no need to use some little cap to measure the cleaning fluid in some little cap. I think the biggest drawback is the pricing.

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Wonderful Product

Customer review by Kasey

5.0 stars 4/20/2013 by Kasey
by Kasey

I bought my house almost a year ago, and it had carpet (which I plan on removing completely in the coming year or two as I am not a fan of carpet, at all). Beige color. It had some stains on it already before I moved in. I borrowed my Mom's carpet cleaner (which was a waste). It did nothing. So I lived with the stains for a while. I got a new puppy, 6 months ago, and I already had an adult dog. The puppy has accidents occasionally. As much as I have scrubbed, and different brands I have used, the stain was still there. After reading many reviews and researching different carpet cleaners, I finally decided on this one. I could not be happier! Best money I ever spent on a carpet cleaner! Fill it up, sit it down, hit the button, and come back 6 mins later to a clean spot. In fact, it makes a clean "circle" and the surrounding area is a bit darker, because it worked so well! I am searching for spots in the carpet to try this thing out now. Best money ever! I couldn't be happier. I have yet to use it on my couch or in my car, but I don't think I will be disappointed!

Comment from Lisa - 4/23/2013

For more of a uniformed look, we recommend setting the machine onto manual, and then with the cleaning tool clean the outside of the area. You may be interested in a full size deep cleaner. Please click at this link to view:

Louisville, KY, USA
Perfect little machine for me

Customer review by Violet

5.0 stars 12/11/2014 by Violet
by Violet

The Spot Bot is the perfect little machine for me because I need it for cat vomit. After I remove any solid materials with a paper towel, I put the Spot Bot to work. It has absolutely worked wonders for me. The machine can clean up to 7 or 8 spots with one tank of cleaning solution. If you know anything about cats, they just can't vomit in one spot, it is usually two to three spots. I had an upright which I hated dragging out and because it wasted so much time. This small machine not only cleans perfectly, you just set it and let it go on its own and in three minutes the spot is gone, then you move it to the next spot. And, clean up is a breeze and the containers are designed in such a way for easy removal, disposal of dirty water, and clean up of the container with no lingering smells. I have had the Spot Bot for about two months and use it about once every other week. For my use, it is the perfect machine.

Pennsylvania, USA
works pretty good.. not durable

Customer review by atarione

2.0 stars 2/12/2014 by atarione
by atarione

we have owned this cleaner for about 2~years for the first year (till warranty expired...go figure?) i would have easily given it 4 or 5 stars. however at about 14~ish months the fact bissell uses about the cheapest plastic know to man on these things became glaringly obvious. Since this time the attachment has cracked the end of the hose cracked by trigger. and now the unit leaked all over the rug when i went to pick it up and all four screws holding the top half of the cover on..(weak design to start with) cracked and broke off. if you buy this I would figure on buying another pretty much right after the warranty runs out / or get yourself a bulk pack of super glue and duct tape in order to piece this thing back together as it steadily falls apart on you. btw.. unit was stored inside out of direct sunlight in climate controlled environment... the plastic is just thin, brittle and cheap...imho.

Comment from Lisa - 2/14/2014

Thanks for your review; we're sorry you're having trouble with your machine. For warranty replacement, please see this link:

Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
So far so good

Customer review by dianet

5.0 stars 3/21/2013 by dianet
by dianet

I have now used your product for the first time. When I got home one night, I found that my soon to be 10 year old dog had thrown up on my bed. The acidy yellow bile, had seeped through the comforter, top and bottom sheets, electric blanket, mattress pad and thick mattress pad. I could wash everything in my washer except for the thick mattress pad. Luckily, my select comfort bed, has a thick top that you can unzip. I set your product on top, put a garbage bag underneath the top, and set it to the automatic setting and let her rip. Because I had never used it before, I used both products that came with it for the set in stain. When it wa finished, the large (and growing by the minute), yellow bile stain was gone. Thank you for this product. Because of losing my job and being 60, II have a fledgling, home based dog daycare and overnight business, and I have much less stress knowing that I have it.

It gets the job done

Customer review by Michelle

4.0 stars 1/31/2012 by Michelle
by Michelle

When reading previous reviews stating that it left the carpet wet and they needed to use the hose for the excess I thought well that's no big deal. Unfortunatly they didn't mention that you have to take the attachement off the hose and plug it back into the machine to use the set and go part of the machine. So if you are someone like me that has dogs that have an accident once or twice a day it is inconvenient. I bought this because there are times I don't have time to clean up an accident. Having to do the extra step with the hose, which is not has simple has you think because there is little give with the hose and button on the hose, takes more time than I wanted. I also did not realize that the cleaning fluid is expensive but it is comparable to any other brand. With all that said it does work well and it is more convenient than having to clean a mess by hand. I would recommend this to others.

Nashville, TN, USA
Great little machine!

Customer review by Lucee1986

4.0 stars 3/12/2013 by Lucee1986
by Lucee1986

We got this soon after we got a puppy. It has cleaned up set in urine stains, vomit and even mud from shoes that got tracked through the house. Both the machine and the hand held portion work great. I will admit that the dog doesn't like it when it runs (sounds like a vacuum) but it doesn't run for that long (3 min for a surface stain, 6 for a set in) The pet cleaner smells really good too! I read that someone said it leaves a dark ring on the outer part, that just means that that spot is cleaner than other parts of the carpet (kinda scary!). I also saw some say it leaves circles in the carpet and while it does do that just after cleaning, once the spot is dry and vacuumed with a dry vac, it goes away. My only complaint is that the mixture seems to drip out of the bristles/circular part, when not in use. We've taken to tossing it in the spare tub just after using until it dries out.

1st purchase great, second purchase waste of money

Customer review by No Longer Bissell Consumer

1.0 stars 5/17/2014 by No Longer Bissell Consumer
by No Longer Bissell Consumer

We bought the Spotbot Pet cleaner when the color of the machine was blue years ago. It was great; cleaned great and suctioned up the water great. I believe we had it for three years and it eventually ended up dying. Sad to see it go. We purchased another one, gray color, which as more expensive, of course due to three years later which is expected, but the product is no longer worth the money. Leaks and leaves carpet soaked with dirty water, why bother to use it, as it only mixes the dirt/soil from pets, with clean water and formula and then sends it back out onto the carpet. Read reviews and answers on the duckbill for the dirty tank and replacing the cap on the clean tank. Since sooooo many people are experiencing the same problems, why doesn't Bissell fix this problem, especially when they know it is a problem, because their making money on selling a defective product and then tells the consumer to replace this part, that part, etc., etc., etc. Their making money hand over fist. Why was the blue colored machine so great and lasted years and now the ones being manufactured today are throw aways after one use, if that!

Comment from Lisa - 5/19/2014

Thanks for your review. We're sorry you're having a leak and no suciton with your machine. It may not be the gasket. Please check out our troubleshooting tips to help you out at this link:

No Longer Bissell Consumer
Lawrenceburg, Indiana
strong start, very weak finish

Customer review by cjk

2.0 stars 4/15/2013 by cjk
by cjk

Up until a week ago, i would have given this thing top approval and a great review. up until a week ago it worked great, scrubbing and suctioning stains and messes as described. From pet stains to spilled drinks and baby throw-up--it did it all. Then last week i went to pick it up and the housing top separated from the bottom. No visible weakened areas waiting to break, no "pop" or "crack"-just simply separated. I thought id be able to fit it back together in the case that something had slipped out of alignment, but that didnt work either. seems a few screws had separated from the plastic holding the top and bottom together. I had picked it up with the intention of using it, and since the mess was still there, i put the SpotBot down over the mess, hoping it would work as usual despite the separated housing. But nope--it failed to suction properly, sputtering soapy water into the discharge tank and draining the fresh water out into the rug. Great-another wet mess to clean up. Its been about a year since i bought it, so i dont have my hopes up for getting a replacement and of course dont have the receipt. Sounds like a common problem.

Comment from Lisa - 4/16/2013

Please contact us at this link: The housing shouldn't be coming a part like that. We can help you!

Reading, PA
Now I look forward to having a mess to clean

Customer review by Clean Freak

5.0 stars 5/30/2012 by Clean Freak
by Clean Freak

This is a great product. I saw it advertised right after I had my carpets professionally cleaned. I knew that I wanted a way to keep my carpeting fresh and clean. I have very light colored carpeting. I have had the SpotBot for less than a month and I've had great success with it. Yesterday I came home to four areas in my upstairs bedroom and hallway due to one of my cats throwing up. Instead of being upset I was excited to get another chance to use my SpotBot. I blotted up the chunks (sorry!) and then carried the light weight SpotBot upstairs to take care of the stains. I just filled the tank with water and the 2X Ultra solution for pet stains. I pushed the button and walked away. Three minutes later it was finished just like in the commercial. You can't even tell that there were stains in those areas. The carpet is as fresh as ever.

Clean Freak
Georgia, USA
1-20 of 575 total reviews
1-20 of 575 reviews